What Should I Put In My Room

What Should I Put In My Room – I’m WAY behind on everything… I mean everything. I have a backlog of school shopping, grocery shopping, cleaning the house (Yuck!), finding furniture, finishing projects, laundry, yard work, and of course this blog. I could give you many reasons why I’m behind, but there is one thing in particular that keeps me from visiting my blog.

Am I super popular and go to weird social parties? Um, no. Do I spend lazy summer days lounging by the pool? In my dream. Should I go on a luxury vacation? Uh, does hanging in an East Texas town count? not

What Should I Put In My Room

The main reason I haven’t been on my blog is because my computer is set up in our bonus room. It’s usually such a beautiful place that I can’t wait to finish decorating (I promise I’ll post pictures as soon as I’m done), but there’s one problem. My bonus room is above my garage…in Texas…where it’s eleven billion degrees. Did I mention that our builder apparently thought it was funny to skip proper insulation? So, until the free insulation fairy visits us, I’ll be sitting here with three fans blowing hot air on me while I drink gallons of ice water and write my blog. And in case you’re wondering, it’s 11:15 at night and the temperature in my bonus room is now 93.8 degrees. Very good.

Welcome To My Bedroom

I thought I’d show you my guest room tonight. Now, for some reason, I can’t get a good picture of this room. What I can tell you is that it is small and there are problems with the placement of the furniture, but I think it is beautiful and the color of the walls is very nice.

The biggest problem I have is that there are 5 doors in this room. FIVE. There is only one solid wall, but if I put a bed there, you literally walk into it when you enter the room. Since I’m not funny, that’s a bad idea.

The only reasonable option for placing furniture is to place the bed opposite the balcony door. Fortunately, there is another balcony access from my master bedroom, so there is no need for a balcony door in my guest room. Unfortunately, I don’t have many photos of the space, but I found a couple.

Just painting the walls and changing the blinds to the curtains makes the room feel bigger! I was also surprised when I noticed that the bed in front of the door did not bother me at all.

How To Arrange A Bedroom With Weird Window Placement — Ktj Design Co

I also think the white sideboards help give the room a lighter feel. The table on the left is a painted chocolate cabinet I found at an antique fair.

I thought it would be fun to fill a closet with old photos of my husband and I.

I love my husband’s cowboy hat. What I don’t like is that in the early 90’s I had big hair. I can’t believe I’m about to show you this (the heat must be burning my brain)  but here I am with an old drill team photo taken around 1990.

Anyway, my second nightstand belongs to my grandmother. I remember it being painted a beautiful pea green, but my mother recently gave it a new coat of white paint and new crystal vents.

How To Declutter Kids Rooms

My bed is a mix of old and new. The down comforter is from Restoration Hardware, but the embroidered fakes are vintage. I actually bought them at an estate sale at the house of some dear friends of my parents. So they are not only beautiful but also sentimental.

Speaking of pretty and sentimental, I remember having a solid wall? That’s where I hung the wedding pictures of my mother, her mother and me.

My curtains are hardware recovery silk panels I found on clearance. They add enough pattern and texture to a room, as well as brighten it up a bit.

So, that’s it. My goal is to provide a calming space for my guests, so I hope I have achieved that. I hope to have the headboard done within the next month or two, so stay tuned.

Rearranging Your Space Without Physically Moving Things Around — A Ux Case Study

Alright brothers. I’m so hot, that’s why I subscribed. I will definitely write in the winter… Just kidding. See you next week. 🙂While the kitchen is the heart of the home, the master bedroom is your personal retreat. After a crazy day at work, a high level of noise at lunch as your children excitedly talk about their day, and then an hour spent cleaning the house after lunch and the usual baby mess, you’re ready to relax. You need a peaceful place. A place where you feel wrapped in luxury, comfort and peace. A space that soothes your soul. So when you’re designing your custom master bedroom with a Des Moines builder, you’ll want to look for some key features of a custom master bedroom.

Have you ever walked into a room and marveled at an overhead light created by a fan? The strange whiteness of a fluorescent light can give you a migraine. Or even if you have a soft shade of light, a light hanging from the center of the ceiling does not reflect anything in the corners and causes eye fatigue when you try to see anything. which is not in the center of the room. . You definitely don’t want your master bedroom to be lit this way. Instead, you need recessed lights with dimmers that allow you to control the lighting of the entire room luxuriously. This way you can fill the room with light if you need to find a charm on the floor, and you can turn off the lights in the whole room to create a romantic (and just relaxing!) Candle atmosphere. So if you’re designing a custom master bedroom with a Des Moines builder, make sure you’re talking about recessed lighting!

Lighting sets the mood in any room, especially a custom room. Features like floor-to-ceiling windows will light up your room in the morning, so you’ll wake up with a smile on your face. Imagine opening your eyes and seeing, first of all, the light curtains that filter the sunlight into your usual master bedroom, creating a sunbeam that ends up on your bed. Isn’t that the most perfect way to wake up in the morning?

Recessed bedside lamps in your master bedroom are the ultimate in lighting luxury. You don’t have to deal with chords or lights that might knock over side tables from kids running around playing catch in your room or when you’re in the dark. Instead, you can enjoy. “wireless” lighting next to your bed with built-in personalized sconces. Also, if you have separate lights, you can stay up and read after your partner goes to bed. Be sure to talk to your Des Moines builder about personalized lighting when you’re designing your master bedroom.

Ideas To Organize And Decorate A Teen Girl Bedroom

There is nothing more luxurious than pulling back the curtains and opening the French doors lined with floor-to-ceiling windows that open out onto your private patio. A place where you can relax in peace and quiet, listening to the peaceful sound of birds while you drink your first cup of coffee.

Ah, the joy of sitting in front of a softly flickering fire enjoying a smooth cocktail or cup of tea on a cold Iowa winter day. Just looking at the comforting flame lulls you to sleep. The fireplace creates a feeling of coziness and even romance. Your custom master bedroom is incomplete without a fireplace to create the right ambiance. Now that you’re talking to us about a master bedroom fireplace, make sure you choose a gas or electric fireplace. You don’t have to worry about falling asleep staring at the flame, having a spark fly and burn the carpet, or more.

Oh, there’s nothing better on a chilly early morning when you have to jump out of bed to get ready for work in the sweltering air than heating under the floor. It is better than slippers because the warmth spreads throughout your feet and helps you wake up slowly.

If you have a spacious, luxurious master bedroom, you don’t want to feel trapped by low ceilings! Bring more luxury to your master bedroom with high ceilings of at least 12 feet. This will make your bedroom an oasis without limits!

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If you’re designing a custom master bedroom with a builder in Des Moines, you’re probably already planning on designing a spacious room. When choosing details for your master bedroom, make sure the space allows for a separate sitting area. (In front

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