What Should We Do When We Feel Lonely

What Should We Do When We Feel Lonely – Then the first thing you should know is that it is not unusual for the human species to feel lonely and sad

Since the human species is associated with the social element, or if we say that people themselves are social, it would not be wrong to say only: the strict sense that society gives to its people.

What Should We Do When We Feel Lonely

It is not at all a matter of pushing oneself into solitude by simply withdrawing from society or not living in society

Why You Should Find Time To Be Alone With Yourself

This feeling of loneliness comes to people’s mind when they visit a new place or city alone Losing someone close to them, going through a divorce etc.

The human race is related to the nominal human civilization We are social animals, as Bessel van der Kolk said

If you are always happy, how do you know that there is another feeling called sadness? Similarly, if you are never alone, how do you know loneliness?

If the cattle were unhappy, the other knew why they were unhappy and how their misery could be alleviated

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Shyness did not increase because they did not hide anything from each other, and where there was no shame, he could openly share his personal thoughts or problems with others.

Gradually, the power of thinking and understanding developed in primitive man, and they began to communicate their thoughts with pictures.

So they begin to understand what they should share with their flock and what they shouldn’t

People presented their problems to the head of the house This problem or some sadness cannot make a person lonely because he knows he is not alone.

Secret Signs Of Loneliness

When the first people gradually separated from their group and started forming separate groups Similarly, the family progresses towards the joint nuclear family where they begin to feel that they are living a better and more developed life than before.

Groups morphed into many cultures, cultures morphed into religions, and finally religions split into many sects.

Similarly, the joint family has changed into several nuclear families and in today’s modern times, the nuclear family has become more limited and narrow.

Because of this, personal privacy increases with family And because of this personal privacy, instability is born in a person’s mind

If You Feel Lonely, Know What To Do About It

And it was this fear of shame that contributed to the man’s sadness that he began to carry within him and the loneliness that he held in his arms.

The head of the household cannot tell anyone else about his problems, and the youth cannot share his sorrows with anyone of his age, because there are only three people in the family.

All this does not mean that the family has to be large Or in a large family a person may not feel lonely or in a nuclear family only one person feels lonely.

Looking at a 2012 study in Finland, it was found that workers who live alone are 80% more likely to experience mental health problems than those who live with families.

The Loneliness Epidemic: We’re More Connected Than Ever

In today’s modern times, it is not possible to carry a large family and it would not be entirely correct to say that in a large family one should not act against people’s feelings.

On the contrary, in a large family where people in the nuclear family are not forced to do anything, the rules are very strict. This makes the person angry and starts to think of his obligation as loneliness

He begins to criticize himself personally He begins to understand that there is no one who understands him There is no one who supports him in his grief

Analyzing the above two things, it is understood that loneliness can be mutual in both places. People feel lonely even when they are surrounded

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So it’s fair to say that whether you’re social or unsocial, you’ll experience this feeling or mood at some point in your life

In both places, he can be surrounded by internal criticism; He may feel that the whole world has rejected him

The person wants to be an object of pity and wants to attract people’s attention by showing his tragic condition

People turn to negative attitudes to escape their inner critical voice If a person is immersed in social media, drugs, alcohol, etc., they continue to destroy themselves

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He begins to think that the only solution to his problems is to avoid social life altogether

This loneliness also burdens him mentally and physically And a person enters a state of depression when he finally sees death as the only holy path

Despite all that, one good thing about loneliness is that there is a problem And a problem can be solved – no matter what it is, you can always solve the problem

But if we want to get rid of this serious psychological problem – loneliness – we must first understand its causes, and through this article we will learn about the most important reasons for loneliness.

Help! I’m Lonely

Among the different causes of loneliness, the first reason to feel lonely is the one that is close to us – permanent or temporary.

This is a lonely state that reflects the moment when a person is experiencing a bad feeling

For example, the death of parents, close friends and pets; The sudden end of our successes, feelings of self-blame and failure to achieve our goals

Loneliness is a problem; In the absence of someone, they become fixed in our minds by creating a reflection of their memory

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So we only and only want to follow the memory of this person. When we have no work, this situation becomes more disturbing

And why do we behave this way? Because we develop a strong emotional and physical connection with that person or thing that is hard to find with other people or things.

In addition, we were also part of some rituals that started our day And when we lose them, we lose those feelings and habits

Just like you miss your pet, you miss your morning and evening walks You miss the hugs, kisses and feedings that helped you feel love, compassion and kindness

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But when someone leaves, we feel empty and alone. There are other reasons why we feel lonely when we lose someone, such as when we feel insecure and if that person was our protector or provider.

This bad situation pushes us into depression and we get lost in our fantasy world as if it is the only truth for us.

When a person moves to another area or country for work, life or education, they may not adapt to the changed social and cultural environment.

Language and cultural barriers force him to form new social ties. As a result, he feels a social distance that makes him feel lonely.

Heartbreaking Loneliness Quotes When You Feel Sad

Because it was a part that was hard to let go It’s hard to leave the old school, it’s hard to leave our parents’ house and it’s hard to change your career

It’s not that we can’t accept change; We can do this very easily if we leave our old state – that’s the hard part

We were comfortable in the old school We are comfortable in our parents’ house and comfortable in our old jobs

But change requires getting out of your comfort zone. If you can do that, you are able to embrace change

Lonely Quotes About Loneliness & Being Alone

When you accept change, you are on the way to change that will ultimately change you Once you change, you are part of the herd And with the herd you will not feel alone – if you choose the right herd

But if this peaceful nature pervades a person, then the person becomes alienated in every relationship

When a person begins to hesitate to talk to another person, the distance between the person in society increases.

People with an introverted personality cannot adapt to the external environment. This is what makes them happier to be alone

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And then, even if a person starts trying to have a relationship, he ends up having an inappropriate relationship, which later turns out to be painful for him.

When a person realizes that he lives his life alone, he is attracted to such easy steps that can overcome loneliness.

If a person is always available for entertainment on online platforms, he does not know how lonely and depressed he is

A person uses the Internet to forget his loneliness, as if there is no one for him outside the Internet

What To Do If You Are Feeling Lonely

This is where a person’s intelligence begins to fail. For this person, it feels like giving up games and social media for a while and getting distracted

For him, the virtual world becomes the only company Who connected with him in the virtual world, liked his posts, how many people followed him or unfollowed him.

And the main intuitive reason for this person is that the virtual world offers unlimited rewards

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