What To Do If High Blood Sugar

What To Do If High Blood Sugar – I drink my first coffee and sit on the sunny terrace while the birds sing. I feel like I haven’t slept and my head hurts. I can go back to bed and sleep all day, but I have work to do. The day is beautiful, sunny, but my body is heavy and stuck to the chair.

It hurts to raise my arms. This morning my blood sugar was 381. once again. I think I should meet the day at the office. Driving on the interstate the lines are blurred.

What To Do If High Blood Sugar

If the DMV gets wind, I know I won’t be able to drive with my A1C as high as it was. When I get to the office I feel in a dark fog, I walk in and take a breather at my desk. When I start looking at the end of the month, the numbers are a blur and I can’t focus on them. My 36oz water bottle has beads of sweat on the counter, only a few shots left, and it’s on the other side of the building to get to the bathroom.

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Sometimes it’s a race to get there on time. My body is puffy and puffy like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. As I walk down the hall to the bathroom, my blood sugar is a sticky blue river full of blueberries. I feel like I could pop if I had a needle.

That would be chaos indeed. My skin is so dry and cracked that no lotion can hydrate it. No amount of water quenches my thirst and my mouth feels like the Sahara desert. With one hand on the water cooler and the other on the bathroom door, I knocked as hard as I could until I realized I couldn’t wait any longer.

I stopped regular insulin and was on long-acting insulin. I didn’t wait patiently for him to come in. This morning didn’t start well. I have to sort through the reports in my current brain fog. I had a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I was waiting for “the talk”.

Memories of weekends and family gatherings flashed through my mind. The food was delicious and all my favorite family recipes were spread out on the tables outside at Aunt Ruth’s. I couldn’t help but be a part of it. Yes, I had to exercise after we ate. I ate cheesecake and brownies. It was too much for my weak energy. I could find my sister cycling with me.

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But the great beast of blood sugar felt overwhelming. I can imagine trying to pedal the two-seater with that 300-pound weight. I couldn’t do it, so I fell asleep instead. Sometimes fatigue takes over your will to cope. This is when diabetes wins. It’s hard to get back on track and one Sunday skip can set you up for a whole month. Desperation sets in, and despair sets in.

I filled my bag with keto sticks. I opened the bottle and voila!! 1 lane left. No problem going back to the bathroom! My colleague said it smelled “fruity” and asked me what my perfume was. No more advice needed and positive advice at that. of course! DKA, oh joy!

I was a little out of breath and my heart was pounding. I quickly called my boss and told her my situation. She agreed that a trip to the doctor was necessary. I packed my things and got ready for my third class in a year.

I should have controlled myself better. An A1C of 9.7 was just not good. I was going to try to do better, but now I was an out of control nightmare. Every senior class wasn’t that bad, thankfully. In the hospital I was sedated, agitated, on IV insulin and fluids. I didn’t sleep much there either.

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The stress of all the people coming in and out of my room all night made me want to control myself better so it didn’t backfire. Next time I won’t let my blood sugar get out of control. I made sure to get help with insulin despite the program the diabetes educator told me about.

When my blood sugar returned to normal in the hospital, I felt anything but normal. I was about 140 according to the nurse on duty, but for some reason I felt like my blood sugar was dropping. My forehead began to sweat. I was a bit angry and my hand was shaking. The nurse didn’t like my reaction, so she checked my blood sugar again, asked me about my normal blood sugar and what was going on, then told me I was used to high blood sugar.

“I’m getting used to it again,” she said, adding that it might feel like this for a few months. Great, I thought. What a boost to lower my blood sugar. When it’s high, I feel isolated or low! Now my negativity has peaked – time to regroup! I asked to speak to the social worker. I had to prepare something for insulin. I couldn’t pay and I didn’t have insurance. She said I would talk to her and arrange the insulin to help me while I was out.

With blood sugar and fluid dropping on schedule, I braced myself for the reality of the upcoming medical bills. The social worker came in and helped me with some requests. I had an appointment at a rural medical clinic that could provide me with insulin and supplies.

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I would qualify for financial assistance from the hospital and that was a relief. I was still very tired! I was like a butterfly that can’t jump off the ground. My wings felt battered and old. I hoped this feeling would pass soon.

I met with a nutritionist who went to carb count with me. I knew how, I assured her. I just had to do it. Consistency was my problem and going off the rails on holidays and special occasions. It was hard for me to even keep up the pace I needed to manage my diabetes. I got some advice from nutritionists and planned my exercise and activity calendar.

We reviewed my blood sugar and talked about how to keep it there and keep my energy up. If I had more than 2 blood sugars over 240 mg/dl, I had to call the doctor. I shouldn’t have waited until I went into ketoacidosis before doing anything. She gave me a bottle of fresh Ketostick to take home with me. I went home alone.

2 hours after noon my blood sugar was 150 mg/dl and I had clear vision. It was something I hadn’t felt in months. I was determined to meet the support group the social worker told me about and I was determined to join a walking group in the city. This time I was going to make the lifestyle changes I needed to make and get my A1C below 7.

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The health department had diabetes education meetings and they accepted me without insurance and were able to move my income eligibility down to 0 percent. I was getting all the resources I needed and all to make sure I didn’t have that last hurdle and of course avoided all those horrible problems. Yet the daily drudgery you face when you don’t manage yourself is worthless in my book.

I kept a daily diary of blood sugar, food and activity. With my new efforts, this has helped me see that my blood sugar mostly stays within the target range set by my doctor. Now after a month I have noticed a big difference and I don’t feel bad anymore as my blood sugar stays around 150 mg/dl. I was now “back to normal” and able to go out and do more exercise. I used to make my sister go with me after meals. At work we met and walked around the square for 30 minutes.

After dinner we walk around the area for about 15 minutes. All of this helped me stay out of my target range. I got the best advice and used it. I eat more, not less. Now I eat the right foods and know what to do if I get high blood sugar again.

I won’t wait and will let my doctor know right away.

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