What To Do If U Have Suicidal Thoughts

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What To Do If U Have Suicidal Thoughts

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Gifts in Your Will Leaving a legacy is a wonderful way to contribute for years to come. If we feel more suicidal, telling someone can help. Unfortunately, talking about what we feel is not always easy. Finding words is difficult, especially when we have to talk about something difficult like suicide. We may also experience a lot of anxiety and fear about telling someone how we feel.

One of the first problems we face when we decide to talk to someone about our feelings is deciding who to talk to. We can reach out to friends, family members, co-workers, managers, teachers. A priest, a religious leader, a youth worker, a doctor, our local emergency department, or a health team. Our local mental state for help and assistance. There will be people who care, despite the lies our brains tell us. If we feel that the person we are talking to cannot help us or does not enter Our minds, we can try to talk to others. There are no rules that say we are only “allowed” to talk to someone about our feelings.

Finding the words we need can be very difficult at times. It is not easy to tell someone that we are suicidal. If you find it too difficult to talk to someone, there are many ways to contact them, including writing, drawing, texting, talking on the phone, writing an email, or talking without using the word “suicide”. For example, ‘I can’t face living anymore’.

Sleep Disturbances As Risk Factors For Suicidal Thoughts And Behaviours: A Meta Analysis Of Longitudinal Studies

If we know someone well, at the moment we feel better, we can write a crisis plan, which involves setting a code, a way to communicate that we are suicidal without having to find words. All

It could be something like sending some emoji that we don’t normally use, for example one of the different colored hearts. If “suicide” is a difficult word, we may have specific words that we use for ourselves, for example describing ourselves as a particular color; Our partner may know that if we say “I feel turquoise” we mean “I feel suicidal”. ‘And we don’t have to go looking for words that are difficult for us. It could be an agreement with someone that we send them a single word, phrase, or GIF. Certain items we own, places we go, or actions we take may indicate that we are feeling very low.

When we decide who we want to talk to, it’s often helpful to plan what we want to say in advance so we don’t get angry. It can feel like our minds are in an old mess when suicidal feelings bubble up and it’s hard to get the words out of that confusion and form a comprehensible sentence.

Writing or thinking in your head before you talk to someone can help lower our anxiety levels. It can help us say everything we want to say without forgetting anything.

Teen Suicidal Thoughts & Suicide Attempts

It also helps to decide when and where we want to talk to the person. Sometimes it can be easier to talk while doing something else. That way, we don’t have to look at each other and the feelings are less intense. For example, we can talk while walking or making tea.

Some of us may feel the need for someone to accompany us to the doctor or Treatment appointment. There is no shame in asking for a little protection from difficult conversations.

We can control what we say and when we say it, but we cannot control how the people we talk to will respond.

The person we are talking to may be surprised, angry or even angry at what is being said. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t say anything, it just means there is a lot to do and process.

Are You Feeling Suicidal?

Sometimes the person we are talking to needs to tell the person what they are talking about. If we have spoken to professionals, they often have a duty to report things that may indicate a danger to our lives or the lives of others. Even if we have talked to a friend or family member, we may still feel the need to talk to someone else, such as our doctor. This does not mean that we have done anything wrong or that we have a problem; These policies are in place to help us get the help we need. want

Some of us find it especially difficult to talk to people we know well or look up to. Regular. It may be easier to talk to a hotline about our suicidal feelings. If we have problems talking on the phone, some helplines allow us to send text, email, or access one of their websites.

Talking about suicidal thoughts and feelings can be incredibly difficult. It is not easy to open up to others about the difficult things we are going through. We should be really proud of ourselves for talking about other ideas.

It is important not to tell people about our suicidal thoughts just once and then stop talking. We need to keep talking to people around us, keep talking about what is happening to us and let them help us. Continuing to take care of ourselves, be kind to ourselves, and try to stay as safe as possible will help us overcome these difficulties and get to a better place than we can imagine. Suicidal thoughts and feelings are horrible to experience.

What Does Depression Feel Like?

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