What To Do If U Lose Your Passport

What To Do If U Lose Your Passport – Money What to do when your passport and belongings are stolen while traveling abroad? We hope you never need to search for this article. But if you do, 1M65 founder Loo Cheng Chuan shares his personal experience. By Contributor on March 19, 2019

My husband and I are in the fashion business and this requires us to travel to Europe frequently to visit different fashion brands and stores.

What To Do If U Lose Your Passport

It was a normal day in Italy when we visited a fashion store after arriving at the mall with our luggage. Since we wanted to take photos of the latest fashion pieces in the store, we (naively) left our luggage – with a bag – at the counter of the store at the request of their employees and continued our photo session.

What To Do If You Lose Your U.s. Passport In Another Country

I didn’t like that a crowded store was supported by only two employees. Twenty minutes later my wife discovered that the side of our luggage had been removed and the bag was missing and contained money, passport, credit card, ID and cell phone. The store staff was very busy and didn’t notice anything.

1. Activate Find My iPhone: Use another phone to immediately activate Find My iPhone to track the thief. Unfortunately, in this case the thief was smart and disabled the app, so we couldn’t track it.

2. Cancel all credit cards immediately: For security purposes, you should have your credit card numbers and the bank’s 24-hour hotline stored in another secure application. It is easier and faster to have someone in Singapore (or your country) call the bank for you than to call from overseas. I asked a friend from Singapore to help me.

Editor’s Note: Readers should exercise discretion when writing credit card numbers on a document, as doing so may be at their own risk. Although many credit cards come with two-factor authentication, we recommend that you only store card details in secure data stores that you are familiar with.

Counting The Cost Of A Lost Passport · Yoti

3. Lock iPhone remotely: iPhone has a “lost mode” feature that when activated will lock iPhone remotely, making the phone permanently unusable, protecting your data. I’m sure other smartphones have similar features.

4. Immediately change all our email and social media account passwords to be on the safe side before we lose our identity to social media.

5. Call the phone company to temporarily suspend the lost mobile line to prevent the mobile line from being used to activate WhatsApp, WeChat or other social media accounts linked to the mobile number.

6. Search nearby landfills and information counters for lost passports. Many thieves are said to have the ethics of not stealing passports, which are often thrown away. They would usually throw it in a nearby garbage can. However, in my case, when I found out about this practice the next morning, the dumpsters were cleared by the janitors of all the malls.

How To Respond When Losing Your Passport In Vietnam?

7. For assistance in obtaining a temporary travel document, call the hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was very helpful and sympathetic to our situation. After receiving the emailed police report, they will return the temporary travel document to us within a few days. I was so impressed and grateful that I wrote to Foreign Minister Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan to thank him and his wonderful embassy staff in Europe.

8. Make a police request for travel insurance. Be very careful how you word your statement, as the travel insurer can use it against you. If the police report shows the theft as a result of your negligence, the insurance company may decide not to pay for your loss. Unfortunately, in our case, our travel insurance provider refused to cover our loss as they deemed the loss to be due to our negligence. Also, don’t automatically assume that your travel insurer will cover your loss.

Losing your passport and personal belongings while traveling abroad is an embarrassing experience, so please keep them safe.

Many Singaporeans, myself included, are often blown away by how safe our country is that we often forget that most countries are unsafe compared to Singapore. It was the worst robbery experience of our life, but with every life lesson, we become wiser.

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Please feel free to share with anyone wanting to travel this March school holidays. If anyone has had a similar experience, now you know what to do.

Loo Cheng Chuan is a father of three and the founder of the 1M65 movement. To learn more about the 1M65 movement, you can watch our interview with him tonight:

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Don’t Lose Your Passport While Traveling

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What To Do If Your Passport Is Lost Or Stolen.

Want to book your 2019 vacation? Here’s the best way to maximize your savings (on all your credit card bonuses) Stolen and lost passports are extremely valuable to terrorists and international criminals who use them without crossing borders.

In several major terrorist attacks in recent decades, the perpetrators have traveled internationally with false passports to conceal their identities.

Even if no one tries to travel with your passport, it can leave you vulnerable to identity theft. Someone can use your passport for criminal purposes, such as opening a bank account as part of a money laundering process.

You can cancel your passport online on your government’s official website. Or you may need to fill out a form at your local police station.

How To Survive If You Lose Your Passport

When you report your passport as lost or stolen, the police in your country will enter it into a national database in accordance with their national standard operating procedures.

Your country then shares this data with our secure police network (known as “I-24/7”) and it goes into our SLTD database. The SLTD database contains information on travel and identity documents that have been reported as stolen, lost, revoked, invalid or stolen blank.

Frontline law enforcement officials – such as airports and border crossings – in member states can check a travel document against the SLTD database to see if it’s valid and get a result in seconds.

If a database search produces a match, the police can take further action, such as pulling the passenger aside for questioning or further investigation.

Why (and How) To Renew Your Passport Asap

If you have reported a lost passport and found it again, report it to the police. Do not attempt to travel on it.

If you have reported your passport as lost or stolen, in accordance with your country’s national procedures, it will no longer be valid for travel.

If you try to use it, the border police may pull you aside for inspection, taking time and causing stress, with no guarantee that you will be able to continue your journey.

You may be denied boarding and miss your vacation, business trip or other important reason for travel. Plus, you lose money on tickets you don’t use.

My Passport And Visa Were Stolen. What Do I Do?

This public awareness campaign is part of Project IDEA. From February 2019 to April 2022, the IDEA project was funded by the EU Internal Security Fund – Police.

The content of this page represents solely the views of the author and is his responsibility. The European Commission does not accept any responsibility for the use of the information contained therein. A lot can go wrong when traveling the world, but few can be as frustrating as losing your passport. If the worst happens, here are the exact steps to take if your passport is lost or stolen.

Losing your passport or even having it stolen while traveling can be a huge hassle and can be quite daunting if it happens to you. The good news is that this is not the end if the world or even your journey. As with many things in life, the key to solving problems when they arise is how you react, so here’s what to do if your passport is lost or stolen.

The initial panic of not being able to find it, the stress of having to deal with things alone and in a foreign country… I get it. It is normal. But now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to take those feelings, acknowledge them, then put them aside and think logically.

Should I Carry My Passport Or Use The Hotel Safe?

If properly prepared in advance

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