What To Do If Your Mom Dies

What To Do If Your Mom Dies – While it’s hard to watch friends lose their moms (and dads) so young, I know from experience that while the pain never goes away, they end up stronger and wiser.

When your mom is away, you become your own biggest fan by proxy. No one is more interested in your achievements, dreams and fears than your mother. Others might try, but they weren’t born hormonally programmed to love you.

What To Do If Your Mom Dies

After all, being your own biggest cheerleader can be a good thing. When your confidence and self-worth outgrow your mother’s love and protection, you may be more willing to take risks and go beyond what you think is your limit.

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When your mother dies, she starts to be around you—in the songs you listen to, the movies you watch, the places you’ve been, the things you did, the holidays you celebrated together. You see it in your kids and sometimes you even see it looking back at you in the mirror.

When your mother dies, it will be clear who cares about you – those who come to the funeral, those who send flowers, cards and messages, those who bring food. Who doesn’t.

Your relationship with your spouse will be tested most. If your marriage can weather this storm, it can probably weather any storm.

4. You will always need your mom, but you will get used to not having her around.

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The pain of missing your mother will never go away, but eventually, you will realize that she is an integral part of you, in a sense that she never left you. It is as much a part of your past as it is a part of your future.

After grieving such a huge loss, most future losses and struggles will pale in comparison. Once you realize that you can live with this pain, you will know that you can live with anything.

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Lauren Flake is a wife, mother of two daughters, watercolorist, seventh-generation Texan, and daughter of early-onset Alzheimer’s. She is the author and co-illustrator of two award-winning children’s books for grieving preschoolers, Where’s My Sweet Grandma? Where did my dear grandpa go? : A Preschooler’s Guide to the Bereaved. She loves collecting everything from green tea to dark chocolate to turquoise.

Touching Quotes About Losing Your Mother

International church services are filled with the sound of praise songs. Many applauded and some even danced before God. But I want to be invisible. Joey feels like a fairy tale world. I had just come back from the hospital the day before – I had an operation to remove a dead baby. Watching this church humming blissfully makes me feel vulnerable. I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes. Tears streamed down my freckled face. My head knows God is in control, but my heart aches like hell…

Soft sunlight shines on the hospital bed through the curtains. I walked over to the bed, nuzzled his face, and took his hand gently. Eighty-nine years has been a rich and fulfilling life, and each day makes the case more convincingly that it is time to leave. Grief and relief shared the void in my heart as I carried the burden of understanding, and every trip was my last chance to travel. When he felt my hand, his eyes opened and he smiled at me. Pop Pop is always smiling…

I’ve sat here a million times in my life — in good times, in bad times, with friends, with family. I’m here to record my highs and cry at my lows. I was drawn here, drawn in a certain way. When I haven’t been here in a while, the sea calls my soul home. My soul rests here. Always. Maybe it’s the calm of the waves, or the sun shining on my face. Maybe it’s the solitude I find here. I see it (the sea) all year round, when it’s calm, when…

My first child died. After a perfect full-term pregnancy, she was stillborn. That was 10 years ago. I spent ten years trying to figure out who he would be. I miss the person I wanted to know for ten years but never had the chance to meet. I’ve learned a lot about grief, love, and life in those ten years. Sadness is love. As I cradled the cold, lifeless body of my dead daughter in my arms, my world fell apart before and after this nightmare began, and I was forever damned to live. I thought I’d never be the same again…

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That heartbreaking moment when I got that call — that call completely turned life as I knew it. “She’s gone,” those two words brought me to my knees, screaming and crying. I can’t breathe, I can’t express my thoughts and feelings in words, and my heart is broken. Time slows at a snail’s pace, as if it will take hours to arrive, and when we arrive, reality still hasn’t sunk in. It doesn’t have to be like this, we should have more time, more time with him. I’m too young to lose my father, my child…

Hospital mom life is not for everyone. You have no choice, no freedom of departure card, you can put it down and say, “No, Lord, I don’t want that, take it back.” My heart aches 99%. My heart aches for my child and the pain he is going through. The evil necessary to keep him at Heaven’s Gate. My heart aches with the unknown every day. Will he eat it? Would he thrive today? What kind of chaos will today bring us? there will be vomiting…

I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy lately. When my father passed away in 2011, I lost the most influential person in my life. His love for me and others is selfless. His heart was given to the Lord, and all who knew him could see it. I was so impressed by his passing that I am still grieving 11 years later. But her life made an even stronger impression on me, and for that I am eternally grateful. When I think about legacy, I think about the influence of my father’s faith (and still…  

We lost our baby on January 30, 2021. I was about 15 weeks pregnant with her when my water unexpectedly broke one night and we were pregnant. A little over a year later, on February 10, 2022, I found out I was pregnant with our rainbow baby. But I’m not ready yet. I remember the last time I felt this way was during my first pregnancy and it felt weird, but there is no way I could get pregnant again. I anxiously awaited the results of my pregnancy test, and here they are: two pink lines. But I’m not ready yet. Contact: Sometimes…

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Cancer is weird. I’ve been looking in the mirror for 3.5 years and I don’t recognize anyone looking at me. The first is the dreaded eyes. My eyes lost the look that made me feel invincible. I know I am not. About a week later, I saw the incision on my chest. Then there’s baldness. Then a guy who was bald, full of steroids and bloated looked at me. RELATED: Here’s What Cancer Looks Like Sometimes It’s a Weeping, Beaten Man A person who can’t sleep at night. I…

Spring awakens my senses and heightens my thoughts. I watch the death of winter sink into the earth, allowing the life of the next season to bloom. In my own experience, I have found this incredibly symbolic because so many deaths have been suffered by our family during the colder months. Sadness can consume everything, like cold wind stinging my face. I often yearn to escape from my experiences, and my prayers to God reflect a time of nothing but despair. That’s where… knowing you’ve lost your mother brings unimaginable loss and pain. Here are 11 prayers of comfort for dying mothers, including pictures that you can print to use and share.

Merciful God, give strength to my mother. She is brave, beautiful, strong, and she needs you badly. When his body is weak, Lord, may he lean on your strength as he departs. let him down

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