What To Do When Dog Runs Away

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Your sweet and playful puppy is so smart and adorable. But he turns into a racing car that pulls away from you when you want him to come.

What To Do When Dog Runs Away

I’ve trained many puppies and seen them run away from their owners even though the two have a bond.

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There are many reasons why puppies run away from their owners. Very young puppies usually want to stay with us for their first few months.

As a puppy matures, which happens from time to time depending on the dog, it generally becomes more independent.

It usually starts between four and six months. Small dogs mature faster than large dogs.

Sometimes it is hard to understand why our little ones run away from us. Not taking it personally can be frustrating and sometimes difficult.

What You Should Do To Avoid Losing A Runaway Pet

But if you take the time to read this, you will definitely notice your puppy. You treated your dog well. He goes for walks, plays fun games, gets delicious food.

Well-behaved puppies won’t run away because they don’t like you. But there are different reasons why puppies run away from us.

Running away is fun! We call Max to come, take a step towards him. The game continues. Max starts playing catch me if you can.

Max’s owner runs after him and Max runs the other way with a smile on his face. Of course, Max’s four legs take him on another adventure as his owner calls his name.

Which Dog Breeds Are Most Likely To Run Away?

This can be a fun game for dogs. But not so much for us. A client called me to train her dog because she fell and injured herself while chasing her new poodle puppy.

Whenever she called the puppy, he would run the other way. At first he stood there until she started walking towards him. Then he zoomed in.

Puppies find this a fun game. It’s hard not to get caught up in it. But try not to.

If you train your dog that coming to you is more fun than chasing game, you will solve your problem. Anyway, below I will discuss how to bring your dog.

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He was already punished when he came to you. We don’t intentionally want our dogs to come to us. Sometimes owners see their puppy chewing on a chair leg and call them to fix it.

“No, you bad dog!” If you scold the dog, he will remember it when the end comes. He doesn’t want to come next time.

So if you see your puppy chewing on your chair, calmly walk up to him and direct him to chew on a safe object like a Kong or nylon toy.

You can say “eh-eh” as an interruption before giving him a safe chew object. You can also try putting a chew deterrent on the surfaces, such as bitter training spray.

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Pro tip: It’s very easy to poison the “come” command. Be very careful and make it a positive experience for your puppy to always come to you. Trust me, it’s easier said than done.

Other negative things happened when the puppy arrived. Despite being young, puppies have good memories. If something negative happens when they come, they don’t want to come next time.

Although a puppy can learn to love his crate, if you call him to you and put him in his crate immediately after he arrives, chances are he won’t come the next time. His fun was over.

Or maybe you held him by the collar when he didn’t learn to like being touched. The next time you call him, he will run away.

Why Does My Dog Run Away When He Sees The Leash?

In addition to practicing the training exercises below, don’t hold his collar for him to come safely.

I believe dogs need to learn to accept and like the collar, but you need to learn it separately from the command.

One way to teach it is to hold the puppy in front of me and give him a wonderful treat while I touch his collar while saying the “collar” sign. Do this a few times during each training session.

As the dog begins to enjoy the game, I progress to slowly placing my hand on his collar over time. Eventually, most puppies are conditioned to enjoy the treat of their collar.

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My current rescued golden retriever came to me at about six months old. No one taught him to enjoy handling his collar, so he actively tried to escape.

Since I had to deal with his collar for a number of reasons, such as putting on a leash, I addressed this issue. Now he loves it when I handle his collar.

You call him in an “angry voice.” Sometimes we inadvertently call our dogs in an unwelcome voice. We may be busy. Or we may panic when we see our dogs getting involved in things we don’t like or feel unsafe about.

So we use a hoarse voice (usually a deeper tone than our normal tone) when we call him. Dogs can read our tone, he may think he will be punished when he comes, and we may have to give him big treats when he comes.

Common Reasons Dogs Run Away From Home

The puppy is not trained to come to you. As I always tell my dog ​​training clients, we all start somewhere. When I trained my first dog as an adult, I initially expected her to come to me anyway.

Calling her was frustrating and she would look at me and walk away. I had to work hard to train her, and coming to me was more rewarding than playing with her favorite scratchy toy.

We cannot expect our dogs to perform a command that we have not actively trained them to do. When we train, we teach our dogs not only a language, but also rules.

It is important to organize short training sessions of five to ten minutes several times a day. A dog cannot be expected to read our mind.

Why Do Dogs Come Back When They Run Away

You’ve trained your dog to come, but you haven’t trained him in different environments. If there is any command or instruction, we should train him in different places. If you train your puppy to come only when he is in your house, he will not come to you when he is in your fenced yard.

Dogs don’t generalize well. If they’ve been trained to do a command in only one place, he’s likely to think that’s the only place to perform that behavior.

Therefore, when training any command, it is best to start with no distractions and then move on to distractions when they become manageable.

Train first in a quiet environment with no distracting movement or noise so your dog can focus on what you are teaching.

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You repeat the come command several times. It’s easy to get used to saying “come, come, come, come, come, come” to your dog. It is not good to repeat any answer.

Sometimes, repetition actually becomes a command. But more than likely, the command turns out to be white noise. The dog hears it as background noise and ignores it.

Sometimes a puppy sees something in the distance – like a favorite toy in the house. Or a squirrel while you’re in the yard.

So the puppy runs towards the interesting object and away from us. That’s why we need to make it more interesting for the puppy than the things around us.

How To Train Your Dog To Not Run Away (with Pictures)

The dog needs to be taught how to listen to us and how to come on command even when distracted.

Pro tip: When you first teach your puppy to “come,” make sure he has something very useful when he returns. Regular meals for him a piece of steak, smoked salmon, even small pieces of hot dog work well for us. Most dogs will come back to you if they see a juicy piece of meat as their reward.

How do I stop my dog ​​from running away from me? 1. Be more interesting than your surroundings

It may sound silly, but I tell my clients to “have a party” when they call their dog.

My Dog Won’t Take Treats During Training. What Can I Do?

Use a cheerful and upbeat voice. Prepare some very high value treats for when he arrives. I love Happy Howie’s meat roll when teaching a dog to come.

It can be sliced ​​and cut into small cubes. I cut it into pea-sized pieces. You can find Happy Howies treats on Amazon.

Once opened, the roll should be refrigerated or frozen. I put plastic bags of cut pieces in the freezer. I’ll take a bag and go to practice.

Have a favorite toy ready for when your puppy comes to you. Let him play a little game of tug, then drop the toy and retrieve it.

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Make him come to you! After you call his name and say “come” start running a few steps away from him as he comes towards you. Then stop.

To make it more exciting, when training a puppy, I’ll even add a happy sound as I walk. This may be an emergency/reliable recall

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