What To Do When You Re Angry

What To Do When You Re Angry – So I bought a punch bag at my son’s request. Why? Well, our couch cushions haven’t quite cut it as punchy objects these past few months…just like his dad, he needs a regular burst of steam to help sort out his angry feelings. He is 6 years old and it is still difficult to help him understand that he should not suppress his anger or be (verbally) aggressive towards others and himself. A punching bag like that is a great way to get out of his head and into his body – and then open up and talk about how he feels.

We often tell ourselves not to be angry, but I am here to tell you that it is so

What To Do When You Re Angry

To feel your anger to live a balanced life. The best way to manage your anger healthily and effectively is to understand it

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Aggression is a behavior that arises from feelings of anger. Like other emotions like joy, disgust, compassion, and sadness, anger indicates something important to you. Anger is expressed especially at unfairness or threats, perceived or real. So it serves to protect you in situations where control slips away from you. As Peter Walker says,

“For without work there is no play, no hunger, no satisfaction, no fear, no courage, no tears, no joy. and

Of course, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions when you feel angry: Are you really missing out? Do you ever have control over what you originally thought you would lose? Is what is happening unfair?

You feel anger because it comes from sadness (which you repress) because you are better able to deal with it in other ways. For example, sometimes unfair situations from your past are still in your mind, but it is always better to resolve in other ways than to get angry. Solutions like therapy, creative writing, talking to loved ones, building good habits, or following what you really want.

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You may not immediately see the connection between anger and the possibility of loss. But anger as a response to potential loss is a well-understood part of our biology. The threat of loss triggers a fight or flight response. The fight response, anger, is our active response to danger. It helps you take action. It allows you to live.

Reaction (flight). Both fight and flight are advantageous behaviors, but they are highly instinctive. The nature of our instinctive behaviors can go awry, especially if we don’t have good role models in our early childhood. So, for example, sometimes you were rarely allowed to get angry or sad. Or conversely, you were allowed to feel angry or sad, but were not reprimanded for the actions you took during your emotional attacks.

If you manage your anger in a healthy way, you may find that it can give you the energy you need to act toward an outcome that helps you and others.

Dealing with your anger healthily is essential to your continued well-being and mental health. Some methods work best for long-term and suppressed anger, while other methods, such as taking a break, work best for short-term anger.

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Have you ever felt misunderstood? may be! Our minds make connections and experience feelings that we sometimes cannot communicate or express well. A misunderstanding arises, and thus we become frustrated and angry. Especially young children often have to do this. Their understanding of language is less sophisticated than ours as adults, but they feel strong emotions. Even adults will always have this gap between your feelings and your ability to express them in words. However, you can greatly reduce that gap by working on your communication skills.

Distractions can make you angry. For example, say you have a responsibility in your life that you don’t like, something that gets in the way of what you really need to do. This responsibility can lead to resentment and anger. If possible, try to simplify your life to have more time and “brain space” for the things you love.

I hope you now know that it is okay to be angry. But if you don’t listen to the signal that anger sends, it’s a waste. So a good way to find out why you’re angry is to keep a journal. You can write there only when you feel deep emotions such as daily or angry. Then, at some point, when you re-read your journal entries, you’ll notice a pattern in how your angry feelings were triggered.

Anger is an emotion that has many connections with the body; Therefore, a good way to solve this is to relax physically. Go play, do yoga or spend active time with family or friends. At least do something where the action itself is the goal and makes you happy.

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Sometimes you can’t control the situation. In such a case, incessant anger especially inhibits you. In these cases, a good way to release your anger is to create something. Art, writing, jewelry, art or music, to name a few. Really, anything goes as long as it’s a creative outlet for your emotions.

When you feel angry, it’s important to acknowledge this feeling. Like all negative emotions, it’s part of who you are. This is what makes you human. So to accept yourself as you are, you have to accept that you can be angry. When you realize this compassionate understanding, you will be able to impart this understanding to others. You can feel compassion and understanding for others, sometimes even for those who are angry with you!

You feel angry, your heart rate increases, and even if you’re not physically active, you’re about to explode…!

I think the 80/20 rule of dealing with sudden anger is just breathing. Be moderate with your breath. Breathing slowly and consciously lowers your heart rate and lowers your stress hormone levels. The added benefit is that you don’t act out of anger when you breathe consciously.

The Best Total Body Workout To Do When You’re Angry

As I described above, a tried and tested method is to physically remove the vapors. There is only one way to hit a punching bag. But you can also go for a run, swim or lift weights. You increase your serotonin levels with exercise, making you feel happy and angry. But perhaps the most important part is being able to take your mind off what made you angry. You will get out of your head and into your body.

One of the best ways for me to deal with my anger is to talk about how I feel. Whether it’s with my wife, friends or my kids (my talking about my feelings is a good example for my kids too). Talking about how I feel is an immediate acknowledgment of my feelings. It makes me aware of what I’m feeling and allows me to act in a healthy way instead of acting aggressively or suppressing my anger.

Writing down your feelings helps a lot more than figuring out why you’re angry in your writing. It can also act as a relief valve. For example, maybe you are angry with someone, a client, a friend, a co-worker. All you can do is write them an angry email, but don’t send it. I bet you feel better afterwards! Either because you have explained to yourself what you are angry about, or you can let go of the emotions and see the situation more clearly now.

A reaction is sudden, often unconscious, and therefore not within your control. Responding to anger usually ends in a bad situation. Try to respond instead. A response is conscious, deliberate, and within your control. (Yes, I know, sometimes you need nothing more than to respond instead of reacting but remember, take a break, take a break, take a breath…)

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Well, now you know what to do when you feel angry, but what should you definitely avoid? Well, two things. You should not suppress your anger, and you should not act aggressively. Both are very destructive to you and your relationships.

Suppressing any emotion is unhealthy, but especially anger. Why? Because it’s one of the most stressful emotions you’re trying to control. Let’s look at the negative effects of suppressing anger.

Doesn’t this sound pretty bad? If you have chronic problems with any of these, it might be good to examine whether you’re suppressing your emotions.

You will act in ways inconsistent with your true self, to the detriment of yourself and others. Say, deep down, you’re angry with your father (for example, because you were neglected as a child), but you won’t admit it. On the other hand, you chase high-quality jobs or business opportunities that you are not happy about. Even worse, you’re too busy working to make your own children available. And so the destructive cycle continues.

How To Deal With Anger

#3 You don’t know what really matters to you if you don’t listen to where your anger is coming from


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