What To Read When You Are Depressed

What To Read When You Are Depressed – If you’ve been feeling down lately, ask Reddit for these books to help you feel a little better.

1. Feel Good, DR’s New Mood Therapy. David Burns. This book is all about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how it has been proven to help people. If someone can’t get therapy, that’s fine.

What To Read When You Are Depressed

2. Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene Brown. When you are depressed, you are very strict with yourself. This book has really helped me through my darkest moments and made me accept myself as I am.

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3. The Book of Joy. This is a conversation between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. They are longtime friends and discover what they have learned during their extraordinary lives. It’s a great book.

4. The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I don’t think I need an introduction. A very small book helps because some people with depression can’t read much, making them tired. It is written very simply while making you think at the same time.

5. Written by Brandon Sanderson, The Road of Kings is a fantasy epic about broken people doing great things.

6. Matt Haig’s reasons for being alive. The really heartwarming stuff is not about how to “cure” your mental illness, but how to love life in spite of it.

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7. Being a wallflower. It’s something a friend gave me to read and I’ve had it for the past 8 years.

“So this is my life. I want you to know that I’m both happy and sad, and I’m trying to figure out how. “

8. The Harry Potter series. This may sound lame, but these books have helped me escape into this magical world during tough times.

9. SAND. This book helped me a lot. I was in a very dark place and it helped me see the light and took me on an adventure. He has a very special place in my heart and he seems to have saved my life.

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10. Guardians! Guards! Terry Pratchett’s (think Douglas Adams) fantasy satire is hilarious and thought provoking.

11. Princess Bride. The movie is adapted from the book. It’s fun and fun as hell, full of hope. There are many extra details that are not included in the movie.

12. One-and-a-half Hyperbole by Ellie Brosh. It’s ridiculously funny, the stories are short, and the only depiction of depression that stopped me was, “This! This is it. “I hope Ali is well…

13. Every word that Iain Thomas couldn’t say. This is the poetry book that helped my brother. It’s a refreshing book and it helps to give something as abstract as pain a physical object. Without trying to sound obvious, it’s a great book that has helped me through these dark times.

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14. I think Neil Gaiman is Norse Mythology. This shit made me think in so many different ways and made me smile so much when I was in a bad place that I love it and still read it to this day.

15. The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Zen and Robert M. Pirsig. This is more about philosophy, not motorcycle repair. But that’s fine. It made me look at my problem solving skills and something about being in the moment and approaching things rather than accepting them as they are.

16. 100 Years of Solitude is a book everyone should read. In my life, it informs every important decision I make.

18. The Name of the Wind, Pat Rothfuss! I started the series about 4 or 5 years ago and it has helped me visualize what I want to achieve and what I want in the future. It made me feel optimistic about change.

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19. How to gain friends and influence people? It’s just good advice, and like 10 years ago, some of these tips helped me get out of a really bad job.

20. Yes, the man is Danny Wallace. He’s a depressed comedian who agrees to say yes to all offers and proposals and makes his life so much better. (It was Hollywoodized into a Jim Carrey movie, but I can assure you it’s not the same).

I read it as an impressionable 13-year-old and it pulled me out of the shell I was creating at the time.

21. Alchemist, Paulo Coelho! A great read. It gives the student a different perspective on life. Nuff said.

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22. Augustine Burroughs. I couldn’t read. I listened to the audiobook.

23. Despair of Jean-Paul Sartre. Written in the first person, through diary entries, the narration is excellent at capturing the thought process of someone with depression. Reading made me feel a little less alone and helped me step outside of myself and analyze my thoughts from a different perspective.

24. Stray Cat Bob by James Bowen This is the autobiography of a drug addict who is purged with the help of an adopted cat.

25. Did you know? I’m not saying Shel Silverstein. give wood It’s nice for me. I would say that too, frankly.

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26. Rasul, Markus Zusak. I read it when I was very depressed and I can say that this book purified my soul.

I usually struggle a lot with my surroundings when my mental state is at its worst. I’m collecting everything and I can’t handle the amount of things available. I can’t figure things out and then it breaks me down – it pushes me further down. The book is light and easy to read, helping you set up some systems at once that you can easily maintain. My mind usually feels better when everything around me is clean. I also did a classic “joke” and it was great. Now I have the things that really make me happy, nothing I don’t need. Free.

I loved the little stories that Marie Kondo put in her book. Although not all of them look like me, they make me smile because they have the traditional housewife mentality.

I recommend this book to help you come out of a recession or avoid unnecessary stress.

What To Read When You’re Depressed

28. The lamb was brought back by Valli. This book is very special to me and it had a great impact on me. I still read when things get tough or to relax in certain chapters.

29. Funny story of the dog at night. This is my favorite and it helped me a lot. Maybe not as relevant as I remember, but it’s great.

31. The subtle art of not caring is good. Also, please consult your doctor.

32. I found Ender’s Game and the speaker of the Dead books very inspiring and touching. They represent the worst and the best in humanity. And somehow they came from a great man.

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33. Moby Dick. This book might get killed by school and have to write an article on it, but that’s great. Modernist writing predates modernism by 60 years, and in the midst of all that wonderfully weird bullshit, there’s an offshore movement.

34. Dark Looks by William Styron. Although it was published years ago, it is still a thought-provoking memoir.

36. Let’s face it, Jenny Lawson never existed. I’ve had terrible depression and miscarriages.

37. Current Power. It will really get you out of your head and immerse you in the moment.

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38. Different people have different reactions to depression and therefore different wants and needs, but personally I have never had a happier, brighter, and more peaceful worldview than when I read The Chronicles of Narnia series. CS Lewis does a great job of conveying to children the emotional state of curiosity and innocence.

39. Any book by Alan Watts. In my personal experience, it has helped me a lot to calm down. They also have podcasts! He teaches Buddhism to a Western audience, but in a secular way applied to your real, everyday life. Highly recommended. They have books like Safety Wisdom for the Zen Way.

40. Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius – Thoughts on how to improve yourself. Never for broadcast.

41. I’m fine. Being happy with anger: I was given an interesting book about terrible things by Jenny Lawson. I’m not just a part of it, but I love it. From the cover: “Author Jenny Lawson has struggled with mental illness her entire life. A hysterical, funny book about depression and anxiety? Sounds like a terrible idea. But

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