What To Say To Someone That's Depressed

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In 2019 October 28 Podcast interview with Dara Kurtz, author of Crush Cancer, and Garth Callaghan, author of The Napkin Notes

What To Say To Someone That's Depressed

“I created an online journal that received overwhelmingly positive comments from followers encouraging them to continue writing and expressing how much they had learned through what they called a raw and honest lens,” she said.

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I am fortunate enough to blog at Chia’s Silver Lining, an online cancer support store whose mission is to encourage and support those who are dealing with cancer or other serious illnesses. They believe that in addition to traditional medicine (which is vital for physical healing), we need emotional healing that comes from compassion, comfort, and connection with others.

Founder Chia is a breast cancer survivor who has seen the emptiness of this other treatment in her own journey. From this emptiness, she decided to change Chia’s silver lining.

Browse through their gifts and information to provide comfort, compassion, and connection on this journey that touches and excites us all.

When masks weren’t popular (Patient Power by Lynda, posted on March 24, 2020) – A few weeks before COVID-19 hit the US, my husband and I traveled from Denver to San Diego for a two-week cruise. As usual, when we are close to others, we put on face masks…

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Nancy’s List is a centralized resource site to help you find help and support during your cancer diagnosis. Lynda Wolters’ book Voices of Cancer has been added to the resource list

Author Lynda Wolters suffers from a rare form of cancer that is fatal. She used the written word to draw attention to the commonalities people have with one another in an effort to bring communities together. Wolters joins Idaho Matters to discuss his latest book, which compares the voices of cancer patients and survivors. This file was created by Family Creations and is copyrighted, so please respect it and do not share this design file or part of it electronically. sale or free design online. Please read the terms of use of this website and use them accordingly.

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Our website uses cookies and other similar technologies to improve our website and your online experience. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies. More information can be found in our cookie policy. Benjamin Fröhlich’s story speaks to every young person who loves underground music. From owning his own record store in Munich to running his own record label, Permanent Vacation, performing and DJing at parties all over the world, and now releasing his own music, he’s pretty much ticked off every milestone on the clichéd childhood wish list.

My first experience with German production was the excellent mix of Austrian producer Dreems’ Sleepmix series, which unsurprisingly focuses on the quieter sounds of the night. After doing a little more research, I discovered that Benjamin was the co-founder of Permanent Vacation, one of Europe’s most respected dance music labels that has records from house music luminaries such as John Talabot, Mano Le Tough, Todd Terje and Tuff City Kids. others. Fröhlich spent most of his adult life helping to maintain the structure of the underground music industry.

The United States Army Vice Chief Of Staff

Recently, he transferred these experiences to his music. His 2016 his debut EP, Rude Movements, showcased his eclectic taste with acid, break and electro influences, equal parts four-piece productions. A second EP is on the way and the just-released remix EP, Rude Movements, features arrangements by Lauer & Shan. You can download both the original and the remix on the 12” Permanent Vacations online store here.

I was talking to Benjamin about creating an ambient mix for us and it just seemed like the right moment to get in touch. What he has created is a beautiful drifting celestial odyssey, where the first signs of percussion only appear in the last chapter, which explores the nooks and crannies of dance music’s more subdued cousin. It’s a mix that showcases the label boss’ eclectic ear and appreciation for the IDM, leftfield and ambient spectrum. While Métron Musik Mixtape 039 mostly deviates from 4/4 basics, it still features a number of names familiar to most electronic music fans, including Kornel Kovacz, DJ Harvey and Lord of the Isles. It’s a beautiful, peaceful listen, best enjoyed in a quiet space.

I got the chance to talk to Benjamin about life in Munich and the start of his permanent vacation. Check out what he had to say below.

At the time I was doing some mixes that were pretty clubby and I was looking for a break. So I was glad you asked for a mix, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a short break from 4/4 and dig a little deeper into your collection to see what’s left after the bass stops.

Lady From L.u.s.t. #11 Lady In Heat — The Gardner Francis Fox Library

I usually listen to a pretty wide range of music depending on my mood or the situation I’m in, and Ambient is part of that. It’s also one of those mushrooming genres that devours a lot of music from different times and places, which I really like. In my youth, the different styles of music were much more segregated and defined by your clothing choices and the friends you made, whether you listened to punk, hip-hop, or were a club kid. It made me feel a little torn at times. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found some relief in that I no longer feel like I have to choose between genres, but I can listen to anything. I’m also a pretty big head of reggae and dub. So maybe for the next mix… 😉

Can you tell us a bit about your involvement with Permanent Vacation and the ethos of the label?

Tom Bioly and I founded the brand in 2006. tropical summer in Munich. Tom was working for Compost records, and I was running a record store at the time. We both felt lost in the clubs at the time because we weren’t huge fans of Minimal and we didn’t like Electroclash either. So we were both fascinated by the new wave of Balearic and space music coming back at the time. So we were very excited about the new development and it was really natural to create a label together. The ethos of the label is probably very simple: we only want to release music that we really like, that fits the Permanent Vacation universe, and hopefully lasts more than one season.

Berlin is obviously most associated with the music capital of Germany, while Munich is perhaps less known to foreigners, so what is it about the city that has kept you there for so long?

The Democratic Deficit In The West

When I was 22 I opened a record store in Munich and I think at that time a lot of people go to explore different countries and cities to study or whatever. So I was kind of tied to the city, but it was never a problem for me. I’ve always liked it here and felt quite comfortable as it’s where I have most of my friends and family and the size is just right for me. Not too big and not too small. It is quite easy to get there and within 25 minutes by bike you are surrounded by beautiful nature. Also, my friend studied in Leipzig and then moved to Berlin for 7 years, so I traveled back and forth a lot, which gave me the opportunity to get to know different cities without actually moving there.

This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary (really last year, but we couldn’t make it 😉 ), which we will celebrate by collecting new exclusive works of our artists. We are also planning a big party in the fall. I’m getting ready to release my second solo EP this year and I’ve made some remixes that I hope will see the light of day soon. Also DJ work and label work.

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