What Type Of Antifreeze For Toyota Camry

What Type Of Antifreeze For Toyota Camry – So it’s time to change the coolant in your Toyota, but you’re wondering which is better, Toyota Red Long Life Coolant or Toyota Pink Super Long Life Coolant. These are the two main coolers available from Toyota and although they look similar, there are differences.

No, Toyota Cool Pink isn’t just a mix-and-match Red. The pink coolant is OAT (organic acid technology) which usually has a long service life. The red coolant on the other hand is IAT (inorganic acid technology) which is considered “normal” but lasts longer than other coolants on the market.

What Type Of Antifreeze For Toyota Camry

Toyota says their Pink Coolant is good for 160,000 km (100,000 miles) or 10 years at the factory fill and needs to be changed every 100,000 km (60,000 miles) or 5 years thereafter. The red coolant has a short life and needs to be changed every 50,000 km (30,000 miles) or every two years.

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While the Toyota Pink Cooler lasts longer than the Red, it is more expensive. This is partly because it is only available as a 50/50 pre-mixed formula, while Toyota Red is not pre-mixed.

It is generally recommended to use Toyota Red in older cars. This is mainly because older Toyotas often have non-aluminum radiators and Pink is not formulated with the inhibitors needed to protect them. The Red Long Life cooler contained molybate and triazole to protect metals (copper, etc.) in older radiators.

Toyota Red can also be used in later model cars, but from the factory they come with Pink. The Pink cooler was used in many Toyotas from the early to mid 2000s

It really comes down to the model and year of your car. If you have a modern Toyota with an aluminum radiator, Pink is probably the cooler you want to go with. However, if you don’t mind changing the coolant often, Toyota Red can be used on new cars if you want to save a little money (remember it needs to be mixed with water).

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For older cars it is recommended that you use Toyota Red and not Pink as per the advice above.

Toyota claims that their two coolants are compatible, but we’d always be careful when mixing coolants. If you are thinking of changing between them, we will clean the system completely before adding a new, different cool one.========== Multi-author AdSense ========= Skipped because of [ default ad. slot 1] is empty for [user ID 4]. =======================================

My wife’s 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid was due for a new inverter cooler. Toyota recommends changing the Toyota Camry Hybrid inverter cooler every 150,000 miles. The method is very simple, but there is one problem: you must be able to open the inverter pump during the process.

If you take your car to a Toyota mechanic, they use Techstream or similar software to turn on the converter pump. Replacing a Toyota Camry hybrid inverter cooler at a dealership will cost anywhere from $130 to $300 depending on the vehicle. Technically speaking, you will have to buy a license for this, which costs $3,995.

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Personally, I think it’s street theft, when all I want to do is turn on the pump to do one recommended repair on my car. For informational purposes only, I am going to explain the answer. You need a TechStream cable. Amazon is full of TechStream cables

That’s all a bit sketchy but should be reliable enough to do one-time maintenance. The exact $28 cable I bought is no longer available, but they are all the same.

They also all have some sort of pirated version of the TechStream software. You will have to find it yourself, as I am not free to link to it from here. Legally speaking, I recommend buying TechStream legally…

(pink). You can of course go with an OEM Toyota if you want, but it costs more and must be purchased from a dealer. The conversion system needs a little more than 3 liters of water, so one liter should be enough.

Genuine Toyota Camry 2.4 (acv30, Acv36) 2002 2006 Longlife Radiator Coolant

Before removing any coolant, make sure you can stop the inverter pump through the computer control. If you can’t, you can take it to the store. To get started, plug the TechStream cable into the OBD port of your car, and the other end into the USB port on your laptop. Start the car in accessory mode, without the engine running. You don’t need the engine to work for this job, but you do need the electronics.

Once connected, you should see the screen displayed. You want to select “Hybrid Control”. After that, go to “Active Test”.

Finally, select “Enable the (inverter) water pump” and click OK. You should hear the inverter pump turn on. If all of this works, you’re ready to actually do the repairs. Turn off the car to turn off the pump before proceeding.

Now we come to the easy part. First, get the car on jack stands, ramps, or any other safe way to raise the front of it, just like you would for an oil change. This is the cool conversion design, listed above. Go ahead and remove the filler cap from the reservoir.

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With your favorite bucket in place, go ahead and remove the pull plug. Get cool everywhere, it’s all part of the fun.

Replace the drain plug and pour new coolant into the system. Once it’s fully downloaded, go ahead and use TechStream to turn on the inverter pump. Let it run for 60 seconds or so. When all the air is cleared, the pump will make a different noise. Turn off the motor (and therefore the pump) and top up to cool down to the full mark. And with that, the job is done.

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