What Type Of Doctor Treats Shoulder Pain

What Type Of Doctor Treats Shoulder Pain – Find out the common causes of this common condition and information on how to treat shoulder pain at night for better results.

Shoulder pain is a common medical complaint, sometimes developing when you least expect it. Shoulder pain can occur at any time during the day, but it seems to be most noticeable at night. If you’ve ever lost a good night’s sleep due to pain and discomfort in your shoulders, you know how frustrating it can be.

What Type Of Doctor Treats Shoulder Pain

In the short term, shoulder pain at night is scary, that’s for sure. But when your pain interferes with your sleep for a long time, the effects can be more serious. A good night’s sleep is important for your physical and emotional health. Lack of sleep can cause many problems, such as daytime sleepiness, irritability, difficulty thinking and an increased risk of accidents. Chronic sleep problems are also a major cause of depression and anxiety. And when you don’t get enough Zs, your risk of other diseases and medical problems increases.

Arthritis & Bursities

No one knows for sure why shoulder pain is worse at night. Obviously, if you use your shoulders a lot during the day, they usually hurt when they roll in the evening. But usually, the night of shoulder pain occurs even before our shoulders have been exposed to stress and unusual stress. So why does it happen?

One of the reasons may be your sleeping position. Apparently, we are a nation of side sleepers. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 56 percent of us sleep on our sides, either stretched out or tucked into the fetal position. That puts a lot of weight on our shoulders. And if you already have shoulder pain, it’s no wonder that the side sleeping position can cause shoulder pain at night.

Even if you don’t sleep on your side, your horizontal position is still to blame. During the day when you sit or stand, gravity helps to stretch the shoulder joint, reducing pressure on the irritation and inflammation in and around the joint. When you lie down, the joint is compressed to a certain degree, increasing irritation and pain. Lying flat also reduces support for your neck and shoulders, increasing pain in muscles and tendons. And when the muscles of your shoulders relax, they are not working to stabilize the part of the ball in the socket. This means that the joint often slips out of its supportive position, causing a lot of pain.

These are some of the reasons why your shoulder pain is worse at night. The question is, what can you do to relieve shoulder pain when you are trying to sleep? Fortunately, you have options.

Shoulder Specialist Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

Since sleeping position can be the worst cause of shoulder pain at night, the first step is to try a new position. If you’re a side sleeper, try rolling over on your back or sleeping on your other side. You can also use pillows to support your arms and neck. Sometimes, a pillow cradle helps your shoulder stay stable and centered. If you sleep on your back, pillows under your neck and lower back can help relieve muscle pain.

Next step: Look at your mattress and pillow. If they are old, worn out, stiff, greasy or just unsupportive, investing in a new pillow or mattress can be time well spent. If you don’t want to buy a new mattress, a foam mattress may be the best option.

You can also try some tricks before turning to help relax your shoulders and prevent painful symptoms. A warm bath relaxes stiff muscles and reduces irritation by promoting circulation in your shoulders and upper body.

Pain relievers such as ibuprofen are designed to treat pain as well as inflammation, a common contributor to nighttime shoulder pain. Finally, doing some simple neck bends and arm stretches is great for loosening muscle knots before you turn out.

What Is Shoulder Bursitis?

If these suggestions do not bring the shoulder pain, the next step is to see Dr. Van Thiel. While some shoulder pain can be caused by stress or injury, other symptoms can be caused by a more serious medical problem, such as arthritis, infection or capsulitis (eg also called the ice shoulder). Dr. Van Thiel special methods target those problems and solve them, so you can get a good night’s sleep again.

When it comes to treating shoulder and neck pain, it’s best to have one, simple solution for everyone. But the truth is, the causes of shoulder pain vary from one person to another. And that means the treatments should also be different. Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of nocturnal shoulder pain in patients of all ages. As a specialist in Rockford, he will work with you to provide personalized, personalized care focused on your comfort and health.

Don’t let nighttime shoulder pain get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Get the right treatment for your shoulder pain by scheduling an office visit with Dr. Van Thiel today.

Dr. Van Thiel treats patients from all over Wisconsin and Illinois including Rockford, Elgin, Huntley, Dekalb, Crystal Lake, Barrington, McHenry, and Beloit.

What Can A Sports Medicine Doctor Treat?

Read about Jack, a multi-sport athlete who suffered a torn knee. Read about Abigail who fell and tore her Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). The life-changing stories of patients healed by Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel.Philadelphia Hands on Shoulder Center In News Uncategorized Shoulder Pain: Common Causes and How to Treat It.

With 17 offices in Philadelphia and South Jersey, including King of Prussia, Paoli, Cherry Hill, and Willow Grove, PA, our top surgeons know how challenging shoulder pain can be. Every day, simple tasks can be turned into painful activities; putting on a shirt, opening a door, even reaching for something on the top shelf. Shoulder pain can be common as we age, it can be sudden or gradual, and it can range from a minor inconvenience to excruciating pain.

Although there are many different conditions that cause shoulder pain, there are three common roots of the problem.

Your rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. Making repetitive movements on the head can cause it, although age is another risk factor. The pain associated with rotator cuff tears is a dull ache.

Ways To Ease Shoulder Pain

Also called adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder often develops over time. There are three areas that can last for months and severely limit the movement of your shoulder:

This happens when your upper arm bone pops out of the base of part of your shoulder. The shoulder is the most affected by this type of injury because it is the most mobile joint. If you suspect you have a dislocated shoulder, seek medical attention immediately.

If you have general, sore shoulders, there are a few things you can do at home to relieve them. Avoid strenuous physical activity, take pain relievers and do gentle exercises to see if the pain improves on its own. If the pain does not subside after a few weeks, it is recommended to contact one of our specialists. Check out this post for some exercises you can do at home.

If you’re looking for relief for your shoulder pain, count on Philadelphia’s state-of-the-art Hand to Shoulder treatment center for relief. If you are experiencing pain, make an appointment at one of our 17 offices in Philadelphia and South Jersey, including King of Prussia, Paoli, Cherry Hill and Willow Grove, PA, to see a specialist to help find treatment. Pain caused by rotator cuff syndrome should not be ignored. Because the symptoms can worsen and affect your daily life, it leads to a more complicated process.

Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

Using your shoulders in repetitive motions, especially when you keep raising your arms while painting walls, wiping windows, hanging clothes, cutting tree branches, and carrying or lifting heavy objects or athletes involved in activities that require frequent raising of the arms, such as basketball , badminton and swimming are all at risk of rotator cuff tendinitis. Injuries affecting the rotator cuff can also cause the condition.

Dr. Ratthapoom Watcharopas, a surgeon specializing in sports and shoulder and knee joint surgery at the Hospital, explained that the rotator cuff consists of four muscles that are used from the muscles of the shoulders and attached to the bone of the upper arm. The rotator cuff is responsible for supporting shoulder movements, including raising or spreading the arms and turning the shoulders. Overuse of the shoulders or repetitive shoulder movements can cause tendinitis or rotator cuff tears. Accidents or severe impacts on the shoulder joints during shoulder movements can increase the risk.

“Rotator tendonitis or tears cause shoulder pain and a shooting pain in the upper arm when you lift or move your shoulder. Some patients may also experience stiffness, difficulty moving or swelling. The first symptoms may not be serious, but continue to use your shoulders even though the symptoms get worse.The pain

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