What Will My Future Self Look Like

What Will My Future Self Look Like – Written by Norman Chella is a podcaster, scholar in progress, and a very funny writer. His creative pseudonym is N.T. Clover. You can find his words here.

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What Will My Future Self Look Like

I know, however, that despite the treasures offered to the world, only you can reach them. They might call you crazy for pursuing intangibles, lost wonders, hidden connections between humanity. Forgive them for their human limitations.

I Thought I Saw My Future Self As A Time Traveler

However, these museums call to you. They sing, they growl, they shake the cage, they urge you to talk to them. Your goal then is to answer his call.

Look! What the world has given you. An opportunity to express your passion. Clarity to navigate the chaos of life. How wonderful it is to be present in such a blessing! However, I knew that you could escape.

Friend, I understand. Last year, it was pure violence. Against all your pain and guilt it will take over. I know! I know. I really know. We know the signs. At that time you didn’t even remember. You forgot out of fear. Even now for me, it was only a year, but it still feels so far away. So, you may ask, should we be concerned? Is it good to leave it empty, without binding words and inaccessible memories?

I would say that, through the lens of [[Masahiro]], it’s actually better to forget. You have already learned. You cried, you let go. Take the lesson, not the pain. The weight you must bear is found in wisdom, not in danger.

I Don’t Procrastinate, I Delegate Things To My Future Self

Witness the words on these letters! See how your obsession, when you get a reward, forces you to write. Where I write now is a strange place. I hope you remember me as a good memory, but don’t depend on it. Where you are now is always better.

I can only imagine what a wonderful world you are in right now. Do people in your field know you? Do your words carry weight? Is every conversation liquid gold?

Sir, they are waiting for your reply. Giants, they move at your will. Characters in your mind, love your energy. So tell me, are you on your way to [[cultural immortality]]?

That’s why we’re here. Development through dialogue. Time engraved in stone. The future of examples, with you based on it. All because you have made clear your madness. You have danced in a complete forest fire.

Stop Striving To Be Your “future Self”

My dear friend, I hope this letter reaches you, in times of need, and in blessing. All this so that you can laugh at the judgment, knowing that you are alive to receive this letter. Knowing that the conflict will inevitably end will become old times. Like this letter, I know it can be shocking, but I am not writing to convince you of anything you don’t already know. You and I are very self-aware, and very aware of our strengths, weaknesses, and the spectrum of quirks in between. I am writing to remind you of what you promised yourself in the final moments of this past year.

The word ‘intention’ means many things to many people, from setting broadly specific goals to a more mindful presence cultivated on a daily basis. But the intention, for me, is drawn from the medical meaning of the word: the method or process of healing a wound. I know you know what I’m doing.

2017 was one of the most brutally spectacular years in the history of our lives. We live a great love, a great geographical upheaval, an unspeakable heartbreak and the beginning (and the end) of some important creative projects (so well done in the doctorate). It was nothing short of spectacular. We loved each other, lost and parted, and this is the place from which I write to you.

I am in the depths of a shock, I felt that the construction was underway, but I did not believe that it would actually happen. It’s funny how we can be aware of it and yet when it breaks, we keep breaking with it. I hadn’t fully considered the possibility that I might be here, experiencing a kind of emotional amnesia that seems to have left me lost and immobile.

A Letter To My Future Self

I know it takes time to dance the healing from him. I know I finally understand why this happened. And I know that I am stronger than I give myself credit for. But how to heal an invisible wound? How do you make wounds that cannot be seen with the naked eye?

I hope you’re much further along in this process than I am, but I’m going to start by admitting it. I can feel its edges and see its depths. I’m going to fill it with all the things he couldn’t say, all the support he never gave me, and all the appreciation I never felt. It will be filled with laughter, joy, connection and connection until it stops hurting and becomes a scar. In time, I’ll see it as a rich reminder of life and my ability to love and be loved, rather than a doorway into a kind of despair I’ve never known before.

Future Self, I wish you all the support and love you will need in the next chapter of your life. I hope you feel like you have weathered the storm in ways you never thought possible and that you are surprising those around you with the infinite nature of your compassion.

Dr. Marvin Piper is a thinking and feeling man, currently in Melbourne, Australia, navigating back through life after living abroad. You can connect with her on Instagram at @mepiper or marionepiper.com.

Promises To My Future Self

In Ted’s short video below, Meg Jay shares the essential questions to ask her future self to align her present and her future so she can begin to achieve her goals. Life is about thinking now that if I were my ideal future self. When I think about my future, I can imagine what she would tell me to do now. I can imagine what she must be like and how she came to be like this. I can ask her questions and imagine her answers. And I can be excited to have her one day.

When you bypass your normal thought process by imagining yourself in the future, you can access parts of your brain you didn’t know you had!

Find time to be alone without distractions, and get a journal, notebook, or computer if you prefer to type. Start by writing down the problem you are facing or want more information about. It may look like:

“I want to do something really creative, some kind of project that gives me a life beyond being a mother. I want to be excited about something new and feel like I’m dedicated to a new project.” I want to learn. But I have so many interests and ideas that I can’t limit them, I just don’t know what to do or where to start.

Take Ownership Of Your Future Self

Can you see how much fun it is to imagine these things? This is one of my favorite ways to plan for my future and set goals.

As I write the answers to these questions (and others that come to mind along the way) I begin to feel hope, passion, and motivation. My brain starts working to see what needs to happen to be this person. And I always get clarity on the big picture of my life and what I really want.

Once you have this definition for yourself, start working backwards to see what might be a good first step in becoming this person.

For example, suppose you discover through these questions that your future self finds happiness and fulfillment through something creative like painting watercolours. She can sell her work online. If she gives you the light, you can see the first steps to make it happen. You may need to learn watercolor! Or buy some equipment or take a class. So you will need to practice drawing regularly to improve.

A Letter From My Future Expat Self

As you progress, you may stall or not progress as fast as you hoped. This is a good time to re-access her future self. Write through the same questions, or different questions.

I promise you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn by journaling this way!

We already have many answers within ourselves and we just need to learn how to access them.

This is a tool that has helped me find my way to my future. I hope you can find what works for you!

Letter To My Future Self By Sang Min Lee

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