When Did Coolsculpting Come Out

When Did Coolsculpting Come Out – Everyone, whether underweight or in shape, has one or two “trouble spots” where pockets of excess fat are stubbornly stuck, refusing to come out, no matter how many hours of cardio you put in or how many carbs you cut back on. In the past, liposuction surgery used to be the only way to lighten these scars, but with technology getting more and more advanced in cosmetic surgery, new techniques have been developed to offer a less invasive way to get better results. At the Dermatology & Wellness Clinic, one of the procedures we offer our patients is CoolSculpting – a device that uses cryolipolysis technology to reduce or remove unwanted tumors with the necessary healing or recovery time.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive physical therapy that works by providing “cooling control” to areas of your body that are resistant to diet and exercise. This method carefully and effectively reduces excess cells and completely removes them from your body. As CoolSculpting applicators come in a variety of styles, it’s a great treatment for any area of ​​the body where you have stubborn pockets of fat.

When Did Coolsculpting Come Out

When Did Coolsculpting Come Out

The science behind CoolSculpting is cryolipolysis, a process that kills fat cells by freezing them. Using a device with multiple applicator options, CoolSculpting can provide perfect cooling to the areas you choose to treat. As the fat cools at a lower temperature than the rest of the body, CoolSculpting is designed to cool only the target fat, without affecting any other surrounding areas. Once the cells crystallize, they die and are slowly eliminated by your body’s processes.

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With several different applicators designed to target specific areas of your body, CoolSculpting has made it super easy to slim down and tone almost any problem from head to toe, including:

Do you have a healthy, stable weight? CoolSculpting has been proven to reduce fat by over 25% per treatment. However, CoolSculpting is a procedure used exclusively for weight loss, not weight loss. So after the CoolSculpting treatment, you may find that your clothes fit better or your stomach is flatter, flattering, but you probably won’t see much (if any) change in your figure.

Do you just want to lose fat or tighten skin? The CoolSculpting process only reduces the fat – there is nothing in its technology to tighten the skin. If you have excess or sagging skin due to weight loss or age, CoolSculpting is not the best option for you.

Is your skin cold or do you have a cold-related illness? Because of the controlled cooling process in CoolSculpting, most people experience no side effects from the treatment. Because fat freezes at 39 degrees and other water-based tissues freeze at much lower temperatures, most patients have no skin pigmentation or other sensitivities. However, if you have a known cold or a condition that reacts poorly to cold temperatures, CoolSculpting may not be the best option for your body.

Coolsculpting For Men

Can you provide less than an hour for lasting results? CoolSculpting is an excellent procedure for men and women who want to lose weight and improve their overall appearance, but don’t want invasive surgery that requires a long recovery time. A CoolSculpting session is simple and requires no anesthesia or recovery time.

At the Clinic for Dermatology & Wellness, all of our patients are clinically evaluated by Joe Gatti, an attending physician. He will examine you, talk to you about your best goals, and recommend the CoolSculpting candidate (or candidates) to use, along with the number of treatments needed to provide the best lasting results you want. We are the only clinic in the area that offers CoolSculpting treatments with a licensed medical evaluation, and each treatment is reviewed by one of our board-certified plastic surgeons to ensure your results are accurate.

Once you have selected the area or areas to be addressed and joined your CoolSculpting session, we guarantee that you will feel comfortable in our CoolSculpting suite, where you can enjoy the big screen or just relax and unwind. Our CoolSculpting specialist will begin the process of applying a gel pad to your skin in the treatment area(s) to provide additional protection and then apply CoolSculpting by vacuuming the pad. A bag of oil is slowly inserted into the applicant’s head, where the temperature begins to drop, suffocating the area. You may initially feel a slight attraction to the suitor, but once the area is weakened, those feelings will subside.

When Did Coolsculpting Come Out

Upon completion of the CoolSculpting treatment, the applicator is removed and you are ready to return to your daily activities immediately as no downtime is required. Some minor side effects are common, including redness or swelling and mild bruising, but they go away quickly on their own.

How Many Coolsculpting® Treatments Will I Need?

As CoolSculpting permanently destroys the fat cells in the treatment area, maintaining a healthy and stable weight, excess fat will be permanently removed. While you may see results in three weeks after the first session, your body will continue to lose dead fat for six months. The most amazing results are usually seen within one to three months after the procedure, and you will be able to see your body fuller and smoother.

If you’re looking for a simple solution that won’t cause excess oil to attack your ideal figure, let Clinic for Dermatology & Wellness help. Contact us today at (541) 200-2777 to schedule a free consultation Weight loss is an ongoing struggle for many Americans. Exercise and diet are not always enough to achieve a perfect physique – even those who exercise regularly and maintain healthy eating habits sometimes face stubborn fat accumulation. Also, it’s well documented that fat loss doesn’t work – according to Yale Scientific, fat loss tends to be more common after exercise; it does not choose the area where it is created.

The development of coolsculpting has an interesting history. At Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. R. Rox Anderson has written about “popsicle panniculitis” – a phenomenon of fat loss from the cheeks in children who often eat ice cream or popsicles. Using the principle of losing fat in other parts of the body, they used the cooling objective to bring the tissue temperature down to 40 degrees.

The procedure can be designed to reduce fat cells in the treated area by approximately 20%. The results are not immediate, it takes two to four months for the final result to appear, but the lack of anesthesia, surgery or injections, or the few hours make it an easy method for those who want to reduce their problems.

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Coolsculpting is an effective and minimally invasive procedure for stubborn fat zones, and if no new cells are added, the results are permanent. If you are interested in making an appointment with a licensed plastic surgeon or for more information, please contact us.

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When Did Coolsculpting Come Out