When To Tell Parents You Are Pregnant

When To Tell Parents You Are Pregnant – Can you believe what women go through? We go to the bathroom privately. Try peeing the spot on the stick for 5 seconds (as too little or too much can cause “false” readings), try to do this without peeing yourself. Then it was you

… for a line to appear or not, then you wonder if the line is too faint and not a line at all … and with some pregnancy tests you have to decipher the fine print in the instructions because some test results are more difficult to read like the Da Vinci Code. And if it is positive, you need to repeat all the steps to make sure it is correct. I’ve been guilty of buying at least three different brands just to be sure, and 99% accuracy just isn’t good enough for me. So when you confirm you’re pregnant, who/what/where/when can you blast that information? It’s hard to keep this information to yourself and it’s very hard not to tell anyone. So here is a list of creative ways to announce your pregnancy!

When To Tell Parents You Are Pregnant

There are many creative ways to do this. We are on baby #2 and I am so excited to tell everyone and share how we did it. A special moment in your life! Whether you’re a first-time mom or joining your own tribe, there are times when you just don’t want to tell anyone, and times when you just want to shout it from the mountains! Plus, there’s another time everyone wants to know you’re growing a human in your belly than eating too many donuts.

Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Your Family

Yes, I did it. If in doubt, you can leave this little pot with a big “+” sign. Double bonus if you can record it. Keep your iPhone handy, record it in the background, whatever it takes. The first reaction when they find out is the best! Happy, sad, confused, the wave of emotion is priceless! Check out the hilarious clips of the baby’s dad’s reaction to finding out they’re expecting in the video below:

Men who know that they have children. Congratulations father! You look a bit sweaty…like Kyoot by What The Family?! Friday, December 29, 2017

We surprised our parents with baby #1 by putting a pacifier on the cake we bought for a family dinner. When we were ready for dessert, my mother-in-law tried to cut the cake and everyone was confused as to what was on the cake after her argument. Mom was like “is that a pacifier?!?” As you attach the nipple to your baby, you can slowly see a wave of understanding on their faces.

We had the parents over for dinner for baby #2 and I had the ultrasound picture under the dinner plate. It occurred to me that they will see the picture when they finish eating. Sounds simple, right? Not so much, our dads ate at 5.2 seconds and didn’t even notice the ultrasound picture (my husband and I were cracking up) and not until our mom saw the picture and asked us if we could say anything. …  YES, YES, YES, WE ARE!

Fun Ways To Say

I surprised my husband with baby #2 and got our little one a “Big Brother” t-shirt. My son was playing in the yard and my husband was excited to play with him, but when he read the t-shirt he said “what the @#%&!??” It was funny because he was shocked and super excited.

Sometimes it’s not the most fun way to tell people over the phone. I wanted to send something special to our siblings so they could celebrate with us. For baby #2, I helped with uber food and grocery deliveries. I sent presents to our nieces and nephews and wrote a little poem:

To celebrate the big news we heard today…JJ is going to be a big brother in May!

Our family loved it and their phone calls were so much fun when they opened the phone and heard the news!

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I can’t get over the cuteness of what parents do with posting pictures. Again, use props to let them know they’re expecting: ultrasound pictures, baby accessories (boys’ boots and shoes are very popular), baby’s due date (circled or on a calendar written on clothes), “B-A-B-Y” balloons, letters BABY on onesies. Whether you post it on social media, send it in the mail, or make an “expected soon” baby announcement, holiday card, or whatever, you can’t go wrong!

Use your little ones and mix them up. They like to be apart of the process and you get a great vibe. Ideas include siblings holding signs or standing next to posters predicting their future roles: “Promotion to Big Brother/Big Sister – Effective Month/Year” or reading a book, “I’m going to be a Big Brother/Sister.”

Do you have a fur baby? Ask them next to the ultrasound picture or “My parents are making me human” or “I thought it was your baby?” Take a picture of yourself sitting next to the signs.

Make a video. Record your child’s father’s reaction and show it to the world. For boy #2, we decided to do a dance video. This was partly because our pre-Grammy party turned into a dance party and eventually a video paparazzi session. I turned all these little video clips into dance videos. Now I have a family video memory to revisit. PLUS, my pregnant self feels like Beyoncé at times, with my amazing curves and I had to show the world.

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No matter what you say to your relatives in the world, I congratulate you! Everyone is excited with you! Deciding when to share the exciting news about your pregnancy with family and friends can be difficult. Do you tell them directly? Wait until after your first visit with your OB? Or wait until you’re out of the first trimester? There are many factors to consider. So I’ve put together some tips for deciding when to share your pregnancy with your family.

When my husband and I first found out we were expecting, I was excited to share the news with our family and friends. But after the adrenaline subsided, we decided to tell our parents only after the first meeting. Then, after I was out of the first trimester, we waited to share the news with other family members and friends.

Since we live halfway across the country from family members, we knew it would be a while there to tell them, but we wanted to see their faces when we told them. I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of February and we planned to go home at the end of April to tell our family members privately.

As you may have noticed, I immediately told our parents what we had told them. As much as I wanted to tell my parents in person, I knew from my mom that there was a 0% chance of saving this until April (you see, we talk every day and she has an amazing knack for telling her everything). So, like I said, telling the rest of the family in private was the next best thing.

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It is common to wait until after the first trimester of pregnancy to reduce the risk of miscarriage without telling anyone about the pregnancy. It’s become less common recently, but I’m a bit old-fashioned (and probably too cautious).

It was a big deal because it was my first pregnancy, and now that I’ve been through it and know what to expect, I’m less worried about possible complications.

To be honest, we love when we are not bothered by the opinions of everyone around us. I know everyone likes to share their thoughts, but I didn’t waste my time without being bombarded with stories and information. Moreover, it was a special moment when we both shared the news of my pregnancy.

In the end, I think waiting was the best decision for us. However, I do not believe that we will do the same next time. The most important thing for us was that we wanted to tell most of our family in person and we wouldn’t be able to go home for months.

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If we live next to ourselves

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