Where Can You Get Your Ears Pierced

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Ear Cartilage piercing is one of the most fun things you can do with needles, second perhaps only to tattoos and cross-stitching. And there are at least 10 types of ear piercings to choose from. We realize these numbers don’t hold a candle to all the scenery you can find on Etsy, but at least these won’t be stuck in the back of your closet.

Where Can You Get Your Ears Pierced

According to Broseph, a professional piercer at Atomic Tattoo & Body Piercing in Los Angeles, piercings like the mushroom, rook and daith are now just as popular as the helix piercing. What drives their popularity? Celebrity of course! The level of healing and pain varies from a few weeks to a few months and is mild to severe depending on the piercing you are getting.

Ear Piercing Guide For Cartilage And Stacking

If you’re worried about the pain factor, keep in mind that “it takes longer to fill out the paperwork,” says Broseph. What you need to worry about is aftercare and most importantly, don’t touch it.

So if you’re thinking of getting one and want to know all the details, check out this handy guide. Go forth, adventurer. And remember, never go to the mall to get pierced.

Is this an intimidating number with the placement of piercings? Yes. Yes, this is it. But you will soon learn the difference between all these types of drilling.

Ah, lobe piercing is good. One that if you went to the mall to get a piercing, this was probably it. It is one of the most common types of ear piercing. It is also the lowest on the pain scale and takes only six to eight weeks to heal. As you start adding more to create a constellation exercise, they will hurt more. Like every time you learn the hard way not to date Gemini.

Why You Should Choose Ear Piercing With Needles Vs. Piercing Guns

A coil piercing is any cartilage that is pierced around the outer corner of the ear. It is a good way to “dip your toe in the cartilage piercing water” to get the hang of things as the pain level is about 5 out of 10 and healing takes four to six months. You can even go double or triple with your spiral, like a delicious fudge sundae or Tonya Harding at the 1991 World Figure Skating Championships.

A forward coil is similar to a coil in that it is made of the cartilage at the top of the ear. But it is located in the front (or front) of the ear, and once it heals, most people wear studs instead of hoops or rings. Expect a healing time of approximately six to twelve months. The pain for a single forward spiral is relatively low. As you open it with a double or triple coil (two or three piercings), the pain level also increases.

A flat piercing is located at the top of your ear and just inward from the helix. It hurts as much as an IUD and takes 4 to 6 months to heal. This flat ear piece creates a great canvas for single, double or triple piercings, displaying the stud or stud of your choice. Speaking of, where is Adam Driver these days?

An industrial piercing is also known as a barbell or scaffold piercing and often connects one part of the ear to another. A common industry variation uses a lever to connect a coil to a forward coil.

Lovisa Ear Piercing Review • Lovisa Malaysia, Nu Sentral

This piercing hurts more than the coil, and according to Broseph, it introduces the potential for more pain and irritation. “If you hit one side, the other side will feel the same irritation.” Our insider tip says it’s a thumbs down, but if it sounds right to you, consider a longer healing time of four to twelve months. And, think of all the jewelry you can hang after it heals!

An orbital is “like an industrial one, but instead of using a dumbbell that goes in the ear, you use a basketball,” according to Broseph. Your piercer will pierce your lobe in two places and connect these with a ring. It hurts a little more than an IUD, but the healing time is about the same (about 4 to 6 months).

The piercing stone is located under the head of the coil at the top of the inner curve of your ear. It hurts a little more than a spiral, has a healing time of four to six months, and should not be confused with the shag or “the most abundant Eurasian bird of the crow family.” Even if yours will never stop calling. We told you not to get a talking bead ring.

Follow the inner curve of the stone in the center of the ear and you will find a comfortable fit. Think of it as a hug for the inner cartilage of your ear. Except for a hug that hurts like Dickens and takes four to six months to heal. Like that weird dream you had about the Ghost of Christmas Past that you keep talking to your therapist about.

How Long It Takes For A Piercing To Close And What To Do If It Happens

A piercing is located in the fold of cartilage just below the anterior spiral. They hurt a little more than an IUD and have the same healing time of four to six months. Most people wear a pearl ring attached to their piercing, so if your favorite form of piercing is braces, this may be the piercing for you. More of an interrobang fan? Go for industrial‽

The tragus is the proper part of the cartilage that stands guard over the ear canal. Tragus piercings are usually styled with a single stud and take four to six months to heal, but are more on the painful side and may take a second longer as there is more cartilage to reach the needle.

The anti-tragus is in the cartilage opposite the tragus, above the lobe, and hurts just as much as the tragus (which some say is the most painful piercing they’ve ever had). It also takes the same amount of time to heal. Fun fact: Tragus comes from the ancient Greek word trágos which means “goat”. Show these sago mammals who are your boss and anti-tragus.

Have you ever looked at your ear and thought, “Hmm, that reminds me of a sea shell.” The conch piercing is located in the “bowl of your ear”. It hurts almost as much as an IUD and has a similar healing time. It is also one of Broseph’s favorites because of the creative possibilities:

Getting Your Ears Pierced: Everything You Need To Know

“I really like them more than anything. They are fun to make and you [can] be very creative with the jewelry and the position.” Yeah, we’re going straight to Ariel with this and we don’t care what Sebastian said about it.

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So avoid those piercing weapons of our childhood, go to a proper piercing and save yourself the hassle of getting your ear pierced, then come build your own Claire Hill Designs collection.

Guide To Ear Piercings: Types, Aftercare & Where To Get It Done In Singapore

A: If you can commit to the conditions after care, it is not difficult to maintain, but things like if you have an upcoming party need to be considered in advance. That’s because things like sunscreen, prolonged exposure to the sun, and sweat can aggravate a new piercing – plus we recommend avoiding swimming for four weeks after your piercing, so it’s best to wait to enjoy your vacation should be!

A: I think the lobes will always be the most popular, but a curated ear look is so popular, so we do a lot of cartilage piercings too!

A: This is difficult because everyone is different. However, in general, piercing should not be very painful. The cartilage is often more painful than a lobe piercing, but the pain does not last long – I would describe it as a burning sensation, your ears feel hot as if they were crushed! With proper aftercare, pain shouldn’t be a problem.

A: We always recommend you eat first. Pain medication is up to you, but always check with a medical professional before taking anything if you are unsure.

Coolest Types Of Ear Piercings To Try In 2022

A: A traditional spring loaded gun can cause significantly more swelling when placed in the ear, this can often lead to

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