Where To Leave Your Dog While On Vacation

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Wondering what to do with your dog on vacation? As much as I love taking our dogs with us everywhere we go, sometimes it’s just not possible. So, as responsible dog owners, we have to decide who will take care of our dogs when we plan a holiday.

Where To Leave Your Dog While On Vacation

Yes, your dog will be fine if you go on vacation. Dogs are strong and will be fine if you take the right steps to take good care of them.

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If you’re lucky, you have family or friends who are willing to adopt a dog for you. I personally try to avoid boarding as much as possible. This is not to say that the boarding options are bad, but I think it is difficult to find good ones.

If you have a dog, you need to plan ahead when traveling. Leaving your pet on vacation can be stressful for you and your dog. Where does your dog stay when you’re gone?

And even if you don’t plan on taking a vacation anytime soon, make a plan in case of an emergency. Who cares for your dog in a hurry due to a family illness or a last-minute trip out of town?

Don’t leave your dog at home on vacation! You need someone to come to your house, take you out, feed you and walk you.

Leaving Your Dog While On Holiday

Use this checklist to ease the stress that comes with leaving your dog on vacation. How to plan if you have family, friends, neighbors or a professional dog sitter looking after your dog.

If you don’t have family or friends, a dog sitter is another option. But it is important to inspect them as you do the boarding area. Read online reviews, ask for references, call and ask questions, visit… research, research and more research. Think about it like finding a babysitter for your kids!

1. Before the planned vacation, take your dog to visit the house. Spend an hour just visiting. Don’t make a big deal out of this visit. Visit several times before your vacation if you can.

2. Print all the information about your dog’s guardian. Including your normal sleeping, eating and potty schedule. Any signal to let your dog know when he needs to go outside is helpful. If your dog is taking medication, include the dosage and schedule. Write down the phone number and address of the veterinarian.

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3. Pack for your dog. Of course, you need food, but don’t forget the food bowls, leash, training collar, crate, toys, bone, and dog bed. Phew, your dog needs a bag too.

4. Pack something of yours too. An old t-shirt, a blanket from home, something that smells like you. With this item, you can make your dog more comfortable when you are not around.

1. If you don’t have a reliable boarding facility, you should find a hole before you go on vacation. In fact, even if you’re not planning a vacation, I recommend exploring options in case of an emergency. Ask your friends, neighbors, Google local ride options, read online reviews, call and ask questions, visit… research, research and more research.

2. Plan your boarding area in advance. During peak seasons like holidays and spring break, spots fill up months in advance.

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3. Make an appointment with your veterinarian. Boarding facilities require your dog to be up to date on all vaccinations. They may also need a Bordetella vaccination, which is not a standard annual vaccination required unless your dog is with other dogs, such as boarding kennels or dog parks. Also, make sure your dog is up-to-date on his flea and tick medications any time there are many dogs, fleas can be a problem.

4. Pack for your dog. Obviously you want food, but you should ask the boarding facility if they provide bowls and what other items are allowed. Some people even give food when they ask for food, but I don’t recommend this because you don’t want to upset your dog’s stomach with new food…especially since he’s already stressed.

5. Pack something of yours too. An old t-shirt, a blanket from home, something that smells like you. With this item, you can make your dog more comfortable when you are not around.

I know you miss your dog and he must. But it is very important not to make a big fuss about the recording time. I’ll be honest, I’m totally guilty of doing this, but staying calm and ignoring the dog when you pick it up is key to how your dog feels when he’s away from you.

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If you make a big deal about dropping and picking up your dog (crying, excessive barking), you use up your energy and think about what’s going on…which can lead to separation anxiety and other behavioral issues. .

I know it’s hard to leave your pet behind, but sometimes it’s necessary, so make sure you plan ahead to make the best of the situation.

It’s your turn… I want to hear how you prepare to leave your dog when you go on vacation. Comment below and tell me if you prefer a nanny, boarding house or family?

Debbie McKee, mother of three children and three dogs, is the creator of Rescue Dogs 101…a step-by-step guide to raising and raising rescue dogs. He volunteers at a local dog rescue and humane society.

Tips For Leaving Your Dog Behind When You Go On Vacation

The Rescue Dogs 101 Dog Parent Toolbox offers a comprehensive library of resources to help you live the best life possible with your fur pup. Your dog’s life depends on you! We help you be the best dog mom or dad you can be. Whenever you’re faced with leaving town, deciding what to do with your dog while you’re gone can be stressful and overwhelming. Whether the reason is for fun, such as a vacation, or other circumstances that force you to be away from your pet for an extended period of time, there are many factors that can affect your pet’s condition. He took care.

Especially if your dog has behavior problems or severe separation anxiety, this should be carefully planned and not easily overlooked. Fortunately, today there are countless options that can be customized to fit you and your dog’s needs.

Here are some things to consider and think about if you’re going to leave your dog at home on vacation or while you’re away. (Also read our article on caring for your dog when you’re busy at work)

If you’re going out of town on vacation, it’s easy to feel a little anxious about your dog being left behind. And for a pet with separation anxiety, this can be especially troubling.

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Dogs are social animals, and having a person leave them will definitely affect them at first. However, they are very adaptable creatures that will adapt to your absence with enough preparation.

Another important thing to remember is that dogs pick up on your emotional cues. If you are stressed and anxious about letting go, you will perceive that energy and stress and feel anxious in return.

Depending on what he cares about, there are things you can do to make leaving him a better experience. Since they were able to spend more time together, she felt more in love before she left. If you’re thinking of having a stranger take care of you at first, make sure you meet them so it’s not a complete stranger. Even when you’re gone, you can leave a familiar item or two (like a shirt or blanket) to make your presence felt.

There are tons of tips and tricks, you just need to make sure it’s put into practice before you leave (if possible) so you both have the best time possible while you’re away.

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As mentioned above, your dog can tell if and when it is uncomfortable. It’s perfectly normal to be emotional and anxious about leaving your puppy, but it’s important to do your best not to express these feelings while you’re there, which will only make things worse – for both of you.

If you are angry or nervous, take a few breaths and do your best not to take your emotions out on your pet. buy now

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