Where To Stay Around Zion National Park

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The various hotels, guesthouses and resorts are perfect places to create lasting memories with the people you love the most.

Where To Stay Around Zion National Park

Designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood in 1923, Zion Lodge was built on a modest scale with attention to detail. The structure was built in a “studs-out” style with all wood and less stone than other buildings in the park. The design matches the character of the valley that was still inhabited by the settlers at the time of its construction. A fire in 1966 destroyed the original shelter, but it was rebuilt within 100 days. Renovations in the 1990s restored the house to its original glory, and today it is the only lodge in Zion National Park in the vast cottonwoods area. against the towering red cliff walls.

Exciting Things To Do In Zion National Park

Map of where to find Weeping Rock, Emerald Pool, The Narrows and Sinawawa Temple just minutes from Zion National Park. Find the peace of Zion Lodge, welcoming guests into the heart of Zion National Park’s beauty since 1924. Explore the park on foot, horseback or on a Zion Airlift; Or rent an ATV or Jeep outside the park boundaries and explore Utah’s backcountry. Experience canyoning and mountain climbing in the beautiful and challenging areas of Zion National Park. Try Red Rock Grill’s version of the Navajo Taco. Check out our media site

Get FREE – Discover and search our monthly eNewsletter with advance notice of special offers, packages and savings from third parties. Zion National Park offers spectacular views, challenging hikes, leisurely hikes and river crossings. , towering monoliths, native wildlife and visitor centers. To get the most out of your trip, you may want to stay a night or two, especially if you

Plan to visit another beautiful park nearby. It would be a shame to leave Utah without experiencing Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef or Arches National Park. Therefore, this article introduces you to some of the best apartments near Zion National Park so that you can take advantage and stay for a while.

There are many options for overnight accommodation in or near Zion. The Old Zion Lodge is located in the canyon, with Zion’s famous hiking trails just a short distance away. If history and nostalgia are important to you, then Zion Lodge is your best place to stay in Zion National Park. This historic hotel was built in 1924 and a cottage was added on the west side in 1927. The cabins have been carefully updated to include the modern conveniences of plumbing and electricity while maintains the classic look and feel of 1927. Lower Canyon Campsite for you and your gear. You’ll want to call ahead to reserve a spot as they fill up quickly.

Best Places To Stay Near Zion National Park

At the western entrance to the park, Springdale, Utah has many good bed and breakfasts as well as nice hotels with swimming pools for the whole family. There is also a hotel near the east entrance. In the city near St. George and Cedar City, you’ll find plenty of hotels and motels to suit your needs and put you in a small town with a lot to offer.

An example of the best homes near Zion National Park is Watchman Villas, located in Springdale, Utah, just one mile from the park entrance. Privacy, luxury and comfort are the watchwords here. Beautiful accommodations with stunning views make Watchman Villas possibly the best vacation rental experience near Zion.

For a relaxing vacation, consider Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort. Continually adding new wonders, the Zion Ponderosa is just 15 minutes from the east edge of Zion National Park and an hour by bus from the park’s west entrance. -nature. Zion Ponderosa Ranch offers a variety of overnight options: cowboy cabins, Conestoga wagons, RV parks, glamping, tents, lodges and western wagons. If you like the Old West, this is the place for you. Families enjoy horseback riding, mini-golf, zip-lines, swimming, Dutch cooking, mountain biking, canyoneering, rifle ranges and jeep tours.

Another option for the best lodging near Zion National Park is the Cliffrose Lodge in Springdale, just outside Zion’s west gate. The views from your room at Cliffrose are spectacular, overlooking the park and the Virgin River. This hotel is great for couples, families and travelers alike. Features rooms and villas,  high-speed wireless Internet, 24-hour business center, hot tub, beautiful grounds and waterfront features such as hot tubs, beaches and event space.

Where To Stay In Zion National Park: Best Hotels + B&b’s

Springdale also has Red Rock Inn Bed and Breakfast Cottages. An easy choice, this place will knock your socks off. The lodge is named for the location and the hike in Zion National Park, and the hosts and hostesses are young men and women who love the park and are committed to making sure you want to come back. . Red Rock Inn Cottages is one of the best accommodations near Zion National Park. Additional Information: Statement.

Looking for information on where to stay while visiting Zion National Park, Utah? This guide will help you find the best accommodation for your vacation. Look at it!

If you’ve done your research, you probably already know that Springdale, UT is the best city to visit in Zion. At the southern entrance to Zion National Park, Springdale offers great options, restaurants, shops and other amenities. The visitor center is located in this area of ​​Zion, and most of the trips start and/or end here.

In addition, the Zion bus connects to the Springdale shuttle route, which has 9 stops in various locations around the city (see map). This makes it easy to visit the National Park without having to worry about car restrictions or parking.

Plan Your Trip To Zion National Park

. In this article, we will highlight the best options for hotels in Zion National Park and the best Springdale hotels for all budgets and expectations when staying there. Look!

Zion National Park Zion Lodge. However, this is always the case with National Park lodges, which are very popular, expensive and have limited facilities.

While some parks charge more to stay inside the park, it’s not a big deal in Zion. Because there are affordable and accessible lodging options outside the park gates.

Staying in Springdale doesn’t stop your visit. The opposite can be true because you have more hotels and restaurants. More options mean lower prices and more convenience.

The Beginner’s Guide To Zion National Park

In addition, most hotels outside the park have swimming pools, which are a real lifesaver in the summer, and hot tubs to relax in during the colder months. And – if you want to have a good Wi-Fi connection – you can also stay outside the park. All Springdale hotels featured in this selection offer free Wi-Fi.

Please note that this option only includes hotels with good customer reviews. We believe that everyone deserves quality, regardless of budget. Fortunately, this is not a problem with Springdale hotels and most hotels offer good service and quality. Click on the residence name to learn more or scroll down for a full view!

Alternative: If you prefer to stay in a guesthouse instead of a hotel, you’ll find apartments, houses and condos for rent in Springdale. Therefore, we recommend checking out this popular vacation rental site that has the best private rental properties in one place.

Tip: Using the map below, you can compare hotels and short term rentals in Springdale. Enter your travel dates and group size and you will find the best accommodation deals. Check it out!

Getting Around Zion National Park: Parking, Shuttles, And More

Cable Mountain Lodge is one of Springdale’s top lodges. If you don’t mind the small price tag, this might be one of the best Zion hotels out there.

Located near the Zion NP Visitor Center, this hotel has all the benefits of staying in Zion, plus the best amenities that Zion hotels don’t offer.

The neighborhood is nice and you can walk directly to the park. Additionally, there is free Wi-Fi and the hotel has an outdoor pool and hot tub. They also have a private beach along the river and are great places to visit.

The hotel offers large, well-furnished suites for 5 people. Locally, you will find coffee shops, restaurants, gift shops and mini-markets.

Zion National Park Guide

Cliffrose Springdale, Curio Collection by Hilton is one of Springdale’s most luxurious hotels. This historic lodge & spa has modern rooms and sits in a beautiful location on the border of the Virgin River and Zion National Park. 0.6 miles (10 min

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