Which Brooks Shoe Is Best For Supination

Which Brooks Shoe Is Best For Supination – Biomechanics are as unique and varied as fingerprints. We all have our quirks and patterns and no two runners are the same. It is important to find a shoe that meets your individual needs. Although no two runners are alike, many runners share certain characteristics in common. One of those qualities is called supination.

Supination is a gait cycle pattern that some runners encounter during their stride. For people who supinate, the feet lean outwards away from each other. This can lead to excessive pressure on the lateral edges of the feet and sometimes lateral strain on the knees.

Which Brooks Shoe Is Best For Supination

When supinating, it is important to provide a very balanced platform for the foot. Therefore, neutral shoes are usually the best style for supinators. Our support category shoes (also known as ‘stability shoes’) are designed to protect the feet and knees from the effects of over-pronation, meaning support shoes target the midfoot areas with extra structure. For some runners who supinate, this extra support can increase their supination and cause shoes to wear out prematurely or cause discomfort or injury over time. Neutral shoes significantly reduce this risk.

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The best shoes for supination are neutral shoes. Shoes with a wider base under the foot also usually work well. Cushioning is often helpful in protecting the lateral aspect of the foot from stress contributed by supination. Some great options include Ghost 14 or Dyad 11. For runners who like a little more cushioning, the Launch 8 or Revel 5 provide a smoother, more responsive ride, but retain that neutral base to absorb supination for grip.

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