Which Color Should I Dye My Hair

Which Color Should I Dye My Hair – Dark hair can be difficult to color unless you plan to use lighteners such as bleach. But it is not impossible.

People with dark hair face the biggest dilemma when it comes to hair coloring. We all have that phase where we can’t wait to dye our hair bright pink, purple, and blue.

Which Color Should I Dye My Hair

Dyeing dark hair without a lightener seems impossible, especially if you want to achieve a lighter shade. The color options you have also seem limited compared to the options available for blonde hair.

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There are also a number of other coloring options that work very well for dark hair. We’ll get to the details soon.

It all depends on the natural properties of your hair. Ivan Iovlev, creative director of Colournation salon, tells fashion and beauty magazine Elle that Asian hair is more resistant to products than others.

Elle quotes Iovlev: “The cuticle layer is thicker on Asian hair, and it’s one of the few hair types where true black is found.

Thicker cuticles make it difficult for hair dyes to penetrate the hair shaft and color effectively.

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Then there is hair texture. Thick, hard and non-porous hair is more difficult to dye compared to thin.

Also, the hair color you get depends on your base hair color. Black or dark hair also has a darker base color.

Although hair dye will remove the first few tones of your natural color, a dark base color will not provide the same vibrant shade as lighter base colors.

So yes, it’s hard to dye black hair, but with a few tips and tricks, you can still achieve a hair color that complements your personality.

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You can choose any color of the rainbow that you like, but it would be wise to remember that not all colors will produce the desired result.

There are certain hair colors that people with black hair should choose if they want the color to bloom without lightening.

Choosing the right color for dyeing hair without lightening depends primarily on the undertone of your hair. For example, Asian hair has a warmer shade. This means that cool shades such as blue, green, cool purple or ash will not give the same color as bleached or blonde hair. It is better to bet on warmer shades.

If your hair is naturally black and you just want to lighten it by 2-3 shades, you will need a dark brown color. Dark chestnut hair color looks very delicate, but still gives your hair the definition it needs. Since they are a few shades lighter than your black hair, they will reflect more light, which will also make your hair look more voluminous. Dark brown can be a polite upgrade if you think black hair is too boring.

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Dark brown is another dark brown shade to go for if you’re not feeling too adventurous. This brown has a reddish undertone, so it will be a bit brighter than the dark brown above. It looks good on everyone, regardless of hair length or skin tone.

Another reddish-blonde hair color that is perfect for black hair is mahogany. The red is a little more noticeable here. Mahogany hair can sometimes have a purple tint depending on the hair color you use. The resulting color will be very similar to the rich brown color of mahogany, after which it is named.

This is one of our absolute favorites. Burgundy is a dark hair color that is a mixture of brown and dark purple. The resulting color is a beautiful burgundy red that looks stunning, especially when you’re out in the sun. The deep purple shade adds a touch of chic to the classic brown shade. If we were given the chance, we would definitely paint the city of Burgundy.

If you want to go from your natural black hair to a more dramatic change, try Auburn. Auburn is a vibrant reddish brown or darker hair color that looks incredible. The bright orange-red may not be as noticeable on black hair without a lightener. But you will definitely end up with a much brighter brown color with a noticeable red tint. If you’ve always wanted hair like Princess Merida from Disney’s Brave, this might be your best chance.

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Yes, we said that purple is not suitable for dark hair. However, we were talking about lighter, cooler shades of purple. A warm purple color can produce great results. Try highlighting or dyeing the ends of your hair with a warm purple shade. The result may not be very obvious, but you will definitely get a beautiful shade of purple that will make you jealous.

Even if you don’t bleach your black hair before coloring, the coloring itself can damage your hair to some extent. The chemicals in the dye can make it rough and frizzy, making it prone to breakage. Caring for colored hair is extremely important not only for maintaining hair health, but also for maintaining hair color for a longer period of time.

Choosing the right hair oils and the best mild shampoos for colored hair is key. Here’s what you should do.

The best treatment for dry, frizzy hair is hair oil. Oiling your hair before going to bed at least once or twice a week and shampooing your hair the next morning can greatly improve the texture of your hair. It also protects your hair so the color lasts longer.

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Try WOW Skin Science Moroccan Argan Hair Oil, formulated to restore limp, limp hair. This 100% natural, mineral oil-free, cold-pressed oil rejuvenates frizzy, brittle hair, reduces split ends and scalp irritation, and naturally nourishes your hair.

The biggest enemy of your hair color and hair in general is harsh shampoo. Shampoos full of chemicals can cause hair color to fade earlier than normal and can also damage hair. If you want to keep the color and shine of your hair longer, choose organic shampoos with natural active ingredients. They are great for your hair in every way.

WOW Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner Set is a dynamic solution for your colored hair. Coconut milk shampoo and conditioner, made with 100% natural active ingredients, helps fight frizz, nourishes hair from the inside and keeps it shiny.

Nourishing hair masks and leave-in conditioners can add more moisture to your hair. Choose gentle ingredients that do not react to hair color.

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WOW Skin Science Hair Mask with Coconut Milk and WOW 10 in 1 Hair Repair Spray are great options. Natural ingredients moisturize, smooth and repair damaged hair, giving it more shine and volume.

Discover more in our range of 100% natural hair care for shiny, healthy hair that turns heads.

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Choosing between BB cream, CC cream and tinted moisturizer? Read on to find out which beauty product is best for you. Cognitive theorists would argue that the best way to make a decision is to flip a coin. (“You’ll know the right answer as soon as it’s in the air.”) We say: Try telling that to someone trying to choose their next hair color, when the limits to the possibilities of shades and techniques simply don’t exist. . No wonder, “what color should I dye my hair?” has become as popular a question as: “Should I make bangs?”

Important factors such as your personality. “Your personality is very important when choosing a hair color, because your hair is a symbol of who you are,” said Frederic Fekkai, expert hairdresser and founder of the Fekkai brand. “You have to consider every aspect of your life, from your physical features – face shape, skin tone – to your daily routine – are you in a rush in the morning, for example? Even what you do for a living can be useful because few, if any, lawyers have pink hair.”

Whether you’re a go-getter, a risk-taker, or infinitely more modest, this simple quiz will help you determine which hair color best suits your personality type. There are still plenty of choices between coin flares or “shadow roots” (and everything in between), but this will always beat a coin flip.

Personality Type: Pick a Hair Color You Can Try: One- or Two-Process Dye Since your iCal is scientific, you can create something more high-maintenance, like a one- or two-process color. Think: trendy copper or red hair color, bleached blonde or even more sophisticated highlights. The one common denominator is that it should be sophisticated, classic and work just as well with your power suits as it does with a floral ensemble. “For a person with this type of personality, I would recommend something very simple and classic

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