Who Is President Of America

Who Is President Of America – If you google “next US president”, the result will come up with a work by artist Gretchen Andrew, and that’s no accident. Here’s how.

We may not know what the final result of the US presidential election will be, but if you search for “next US president”, the search engine will provide you with unexpected results.

Who Is President Of America

Who Is President Of America

If you click on Google images in this search, instead of showing a photo of Joe Biden or Donald Trump, collages in red, white and blue, full of stars and floral motifs, will appear in front of former presidents or earlier candidates like Barack. Obama, Hillary Clinton and many more. But that’s no mistake, it’s the work of Los Angeles artist Gretchen Andrew.

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Artist Gretchen Andrews, who CNN calls herself an internet imperialist and search engine artist, tricked the internet into showing her artwork first when someone searches for the “next US president.” It made Search Engine Optimization (SEO) think that its artwork should end up in a specific search first.

Check out this Instagram post Let’s do it together A post shared by gretchen andrew (@gretchenandrew) on Nov 2, 2020 at 10:51am PST

According to Artnet, she did this by creating a network of sites on sites like Quora, Eventbrite, Yelp and Twitter. Then she loaded these pages with addresses and images that would make search engines show her graphics first.

She told Artnet, “It’s important to me that when people see these works, they look bad. I don’t want to confuse people; I want to confuse the machines. I want people to laugh at Google. the political spectrum laughing at a big technology, that’s good.”

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According to CNN, Next American President is an online creation of Gretchen. She began her career at Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters before becoming an artist. Her work in art and technology helped her combine these skills and handle search engine optimization.

See this Instagram post. I create vision boards for the future I want and then program them into reality. Vote. This is your line of code. This is how you manifest it. This is how we do it together. You can see my The Next American President vision boards from @gazelliarthouse and on paper they are working with @unpaintedart, but only until November 3rd. #voting #thenextamericanpresident #hackreality #usa A post shared by gretchen andrew (@gretchenandrew) on Oct 26, 2020 at 2:55pm PDT

Earlier, she tricked the internet into believing she had received the prestigious Turner Award, exhibited at the Whitney Biennale and appeared on the cover of Artforum. With this new project, entitled The Next American President, he tries to present his electoral wishes instead of his personal ambitions.

Who Is President Of America

“The job itself is about what I want the next president of the United States to appreciate,” she told CNN. According to her website, she wants the president to believe in love, harmony, choice, nature, respect, democracy, joy, science, multinational corporations, campaign finance reform and the rule of law.

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The president’s push through the U.S.-centric agenda has scared many, but his defenders say it’s “progressive nationalism.”

For Donald Trump, the former US president, beating America First on the drum was something of an obsession. “The future does not belong to the globalists”, once said the UN. “The future belongs to patriots.”

Last year he was rejected by voters in favor of Joe Biden, a committed internationalist who vowed, “America is back.” Still, the past week has shaken the confidence of old allies and led some to question whether the strain of the America First mantra still exists.

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In his speech this week, the defiant Biden expressed no regret for the chaotic and humiliating US withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was quickly overrun by the Taliban, endangering the thousands of Afghans who worked for US forces and abrogating the human rights of millions of women and girls. .

The president argued that he was acting according to the will of the American people and could not justify spending more American blood and treasure. His attempt to blame the Afghan National Army for the lack of will to fight was described as “shameful” by British politician Tom Tugendhat, who served as an army officer in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, addressing the coronavirus pandemic, Biden announced that Americans who have received two doses of the vaccine will qualify for a third to combat declining immunity, the highly contagious Delta variant and the threat of widespread vaccination hesitancy. There was another global opposition.

Who Is President Of America

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for a moratorium on booster vaccinations by the end of next month, saying priority should be given to those who have not yet received a single dose. Tom Hart, Acting Chief Executive of One’s Campaign, told the Associated Press last month: “The idea that a healthy, vaccinated person could get a booster before a nurse or grandmother in South Africa gets one immunization is outrageous.”

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Biden’s cold view of American interests has horrified many who appreciate him for the emotional empathy his predecessor lacked. But it also entered the context of an economic program in which he sidelined globalization by emphasizing the needs of American workers producing products on American soil.

He used the word “America” ​​or “Americans” at least 36 times in speeches earlier this month about strengthening U.S. leadership for clean energy cars and trucks. “And when we invest in our infrastructure, we intend to buy American products, American materials and services from American companies made in America by American workers,” Biden said.

Larry Jacobs, director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota, said: “First of all, America is Trump’s language, and I doubt the Biden people are using that. I would describe it as ‘progressive nationalism. “because the idea is to divert Afghan resources from global health problems to trade and focus them in a really disciplined way to help Americans.”

Unlike Trump, Biden invests in international agreements and institutions, Jacobs admitted, but also takes a tough stance. He withdrew from Afghanistan because he no longer served American interests. He did not try to copy the predecessors of George W. Bush or Barack Obama by investing political capital in attempts to introduce democracy in the Middle East.

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Jacobs continued: “There’s no question that there’s been a steady strain of nationalism and a focus on delivering for middle-class Americans, and it’s being done with far more discipline, consistency and vigor than we’ve seen under previous Democratic presidents.

“If you look at the people around Biden, many of them wondered long and hard why Hillary Clinton lost to Trump and concluded that American foreign policy and international economic relations had lost sight of middle-class, working-class Americans. Jake Sullivan [now national security adviser] was very convinced that Trump won partly because of the kind of racial and anti-immigration argument he made, but also because he identified a real weakness in Democratic foreign policy.”

Biden took office seven months ago, inheriting extraordinary crises: the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, racial justice and Trump’s attack on democracy. Therefore, one can expect a laser focus on domestic imperatives. It could also be argued that each president has tried to put his citizens first, some more subtly – and successfully – than others.

Who Is President Of America

Wendy Schiller, a professor of political science at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, said: “It’s not so much about the wholesale ideological position of America First. This president has clearly decided that his mission, his set of goals, is very focused on improving conditions in the United States and avoiding loss of life essentially.

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“What makes it so striking is that he’s probably the first Democratic president in a really long time who hasn’t felt the need to explain it. It’s so hard to swallow for the press, who are used to describing it or advocating America’s international engagement. To be expected from Republican. This certainly could have been expected from Donald Trump, who has been very clear about it. You didn’t expect this from Biden.

Schiller noted that the president had relatively little to say about pressing international issues such as Cuba, Ukraine and the plight of the Uighurs in China. Such topics were generally limited to anodic written statements and not to permanent fragments of speeches.

Despite this, Biden promised to return the United States to the top of the global table. He immediately joined the Paris climate accords and soon participated in meetings with the European Union, G7 and NATO to repair the fissures opened by Trump. In December, Biden will host the leaders of world democracies for a virtual “Democracy Summit.”

Regarding the disasters in Afghanistan, he sent more American troops to the Kabul airport to evacuate American citizens.”

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