Who Is Vice President Of United States

Who Is Vice President Of United States – A CIA agent began his day in the late 1990s like many other morning jobs: he brought a secret intelligence document from Langley to downtown Washington and delivered it to its creator himself. The top secret update covered many issues related to the end of the Cold War, from the new humanitarian crisis to political change in Russia and the growing evidence of environmental change.

This example is similar to handing President Bill Clinton a presidential press release. It is not. Instead, this classified document is a vice presidential supplement created specifically for Al Gore. Its existence, although little known, points to the growth of the president’s intellectual work from humble beginnings in the 1960s.

Who Is Vice President Of United States

Who Is Vice President Of United States

Stories from the intelligence experience of today’s vice presidents show how the current vice president has become a major national security threat — and demonstrate the unprecedented level Vice President Mike Pence can hold in the Trump administration. .

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Lyndon Johnson began his presidency in 1961 without a national security support staff, and Allen Dulles or John McCone—Kennedy’s two CIA chiefs—did not provide intelligence or general briefings to Johnson.

Even in June 1961, when the CIA began providing John F. Kennedy with a new presidential intelligence report—the first daily intelligence report tailored to the personality and style of a president—the vice president remained unintelligent. The only attempt to hand over the document to him was from a high-ranking CIA investigator who made a shocking discovery back in December 1961.

Kennedy ordered the Agency to release its checklist outside the White House and, for the first time, to Dean Rusk at the State Department and Robert McNamara at the Pentagon. Therefore, three of the four representatives of the National Security Council – the president, the secretary of state and the secretary of defense – will now see the checklist every morning. But the fourth head of the National Security Council will be in the dark about the most sensitive intelligence on a daily basis: the vice president. A puzzled CIA analyst brought up the issue with Executive Council Secretary Bromley Smith, asking, “What about the president?” Smith’s firm and final answer: “Not under any circumstances!”

Every day, Vice President Lyndon Johnson’s office received only one copy of the CIA Central Intelligence Bulletin, a nonsensical report with no intelligence material. There was no indication that he had read it. In fact, Johnson only saw the special checklist when he became president after Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963.

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In January 1965, Hubert Humphrey finally became Vice President and shortly thereafter, he began receiving the Presidential Directory (PDB), which was created by the CIA in December 1964 based on Kennedy’s investigative records. Despite this, Johnson kept Humphrey in key national security talks, including the famous “Tuesday lunch” on Vietnam. Spiro Agnew, Nixon’s first vice president, fared less well. He stayed out of the PDB campaign for over a year and entered Nixon’s decision-making circle.

Agnew’s substitution moved the ball forward. On July 1, 1974, Gerald Ford began receiving the CIA’s daily personalized briefings of the day chief – sometimes at the kitchen table in his small home in Alexandria, Virginia, and often in the back seat of his car as it is driven into the city. Ford’s meetings with his PDB briefings worked so well that he continued them as president—being the first general to receive regular personal briefings from an intelligence officer. He also allowed his vice president, Nelson Rockefeller, to read a copy of his PDB every morning early

Jimmy Carter was determined to give Vice President Walter Mondale more space and influence than his predecessors and put him in all areas of the administration, including foreign affairs. It started even before the inauguration. During Carter’s first press conference on July 28, Mondale took a back-and-forth with questions, discussing the details of arms control and delving into sensitive issues such as the CIA’s data collection system and its ties to intelligence agencies. foreign capital.

Who Is Vice President Of United States

After taking the oath, Mondale read the president’s newsletter every day. He didn’t just see the book. He received his PDB certificate from the president. As Mondale explained to me when I interviewed him for my book on the president’s intellectual interpretation, “The president read it, and saw it in his written interpretation.” But it was National Security Adviser Mondale, not Carter’s aide, who wrote a classified letter to CIA Vice Director Frank Carlucci in 1979 detailing what he saw as the document’s serious flaws, prompting changes. increased in PDB content over two decades.

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The next vice president, George H.W. Bush knows the value of having an in-house informant because he ran the CIA for a year during the Ford administration. In fact, Bush insisted on being approached by a CIA operative during his eight years as Reagan’s president. The intelligence officer gave a lot of other information, from the details of the CIA operation to the findings of the investigation that was left on the cutting room floor. Vice President Bush’s insistence on personally briefing the PDB on a daily basis prompted the CIA to issue similar documents to other recipients, such as the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense. They accepted it, setting the standards that PDB clients followed in future administrations, with a few exceptions.

After becoming president in 1989, Bush continued his daily personal PDB briefings and told Vice President Dan Quayle that he could attend presidential meetings or intelligence briefings. Quayle told me Bush told him, “You should know exactly what I know.” He explains that the president insisted on keeping him informed about Bush’s eight years as vice president, which included the assassination of John Hinckley by Ronald Reagan.

Gore, like Mondale before him, played an active role in the CIA-led intelligence briefing for his running mate and became involved in national security matters after the inauguration. President Clinton told me that when the PDB report came to his attention, he often “talked to Al Gore about it—and I told him to go read the intelligence, dig deep.”

The Vice President’s daily intelligence reports quickly revealed that his interests are so wide and deep, that it was difficult to accommodate his PDB. “I ask them a lot of terrible questions every day,” Gore told me.

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The result was the Vice Presidential Addendum, a de facto second PDB organized in Al Gore’s schedule and preferences. He focused on environmental, economic, technological and social issues, as well as issues related to the two Gore committees, such as Russia, South Africa, Egypt, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The popularity of this product soon exceeded its name. Clinton – the intelligence “client number” – began reading Gore’s daily productions as well as his own private documents.

Gore’s successor as vice president, Dick Cheney, did not receive a separate second-day intelligence report. But in addition to the same PDB that George W. Bush receives every morning, Cheney also enjoys a tabbed section of binders full of intelligence reports and intelligence. “The circulators will put things in there that were created because of a question I asked or because I expressed an interest in a particular topic,” Chaney told me. “That’s at least twice my daily record.”

Although there is little public information about the relationship of Vice President Joe Biden with intelligence, he has been a recipient of the PDB since the beginning of the Obama administration, supporting his active role in everything from National Security Council meetings to small group meetings where he advised. President Barack. Obama in the Abbottabad raid that killed Osama bin Laden. In addition, Biden was in the Oval Office when Obama received the PDB’s daily briefing, and the president suggested that the vice president actively participate in those meetings, along with the national security adviser, Biden’s national security adviser and members of the White House leadership team. . employees.

Who Is Vice President Of United States

What will ultimately be Pence’s intelligence responsibilities? The events of 2016 taught us to expect surprises from Donald Trump. After all, he can see himself enjoying the free rein in world politics that the so-called imperial presidency has given him. Vice President Pence may be just one voice among many seeking the president’s ear.

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However, the lessons of the past, combined with the details of the current transition, suggest that Pence can play a significant role, as those considered by Al Gore and Dick Cheney, rather than a small one. work like Lyndon Johnson or Spiro Agni.

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