Who Was The 33rd President Of The United States

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Upon entering the White House after Franklin Roosevelt’s death on April 12, 1945, Harry S. Truman told a newspaper reporter, “I have the most terrible responsibility a man can bear. If you pray, pray for me.” He referred to the decision to drop atomic bombs on Japan. Although he knew it would end the war and save lives, it had never been used before, so it was unclear how it would work.

Who Was The 33rd President Of The United States

Who Was The 33rd President Of The United States

Although he was FDR’s vice president, before he took office, he knew nothing about war and nothing about the development of the atomic bomb. FDR did not talk much with the vice president. FDR chose Truman not because he was the person he liked for the job, but because he was a compromise between Roosevelt and the Democratic Party. Although Roosevelt eventually chose him, he did not recognize him and did not trust him until his death. Caught in the dark when Truman accidentally became president, he told reporters, “I felt as if the moon, the stars, and all the planets had fallen upon me.”

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Fortunately, Germany surrendered on May 7, less than a month into his presidency, but he still had to decide how to defend the United States against Japan. The team tested the first atomic bomb in the New Mexico desert at Alamogordo to see what effect it would have. A spectacular sight is seen as the mushroom cloud rises 41,000 feet, leaving behind a glassy, ​​radioactive shell crater half a mile wide.

After this ordeal, the US sent an urgent request to Japan to surrender. They are not; therefore, Truman made the difficult decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, waiting three days and then another day on Nagasaki. He felt that his actions saved millions of Americans. Japan finally surrendered six days after the second bomb, ending World War I on August 15, 1945.

Before becoming president and making certain decisions, he lived a simple life. He was born May 8, 1884 in Lamar, Missouri and raised in Independence. For many years he ran the family farm, but he wanted to go to West Point. Unfortunately, failing eyesight prevented him from pursuing his dream, so he did the next best thing, joining the National Guard and fighting in France in World War I as a field artillery captain.

After returning home, Elizabeth married Virginia Wallace and opened a clothing store in Kansas City. He was very active in the Democratic Party, which eventually allowed him to be elected as a judge of the Jackson County Circuit Court in 1922 and as a senator in 1936. He was a very successful senator and led investigations into embezzlement and corruption. Some estimate that these efforts have saved the state $15 billion.

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His great success as a Senator eventually earned him the Vice Presidential nomination along with FDR, which led to him becoming President and having to make the atomic bomb decision. Although he is famous for bombing Japan and ending World War II, he did many important things as president.

Immediately after taking office in June 1945, he signed the Charter of the United Nations. He supported many of the policies initiated by Roosevelt and then went on to make many of his own. He proposed a 21-point program, including public housing, Fair Labor Practices, and welfare expansion. This eventually became known as a fair deal.

As a European country, after World War II ended, he wrote the Truman Doctrine and eventually the Marshall Plan, which saw the US greatly help Europe recover and recover from the trauma of the war. Specifically, aid was provided to Turkey and Greece in hopes of stopping Soviet guerrilla attacks on Turkey and protecting Greece from the Soviet threat.

Who Was The 33rd President Of The United States

In 1948, Truman ran for re-election. The media reported that he had no chance of being re-elected, as the initial polls only mentioned this. He did not slow down the election campaign, he stopped campaigning. Their motto is “the buck stops here.” Surprisingly, he won.

Circa 1930’s, Harry S, Truman, Pictured Wearing A Fez, While A Member… Photo D’actualité

In June 1950, during his second term, he sent US troops to Korea with the support of the United Nations after communist North Korea invaded South Korea. He also balanced war involvement with maintaining peace with neighboring countries, China and Russia. If they are too aggressive, it could lead to conflict with the country. Peace talks began in 1951; After two years, the war stopped.

He decided not to run away any longer and returned to his country in Independence. He died there the day after Christmas 1972, aged 88.

President Harry S. Truman is shown at his desk in the White House signing an executive order declaring a national emergency.

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President of the United States (1945-1953), Vice President of the United States (1945-1945), United States Senate (1935-1945), United States

Harry S. Truman served as the 33rd President of the United States from April 12, 1945 to January 20, 1953.

Who Was The 33rd President Of The United States

Vice President Harry Truman took office as President of the United States on April 12, 1945, following the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Harry S. Truman/n(1884 1972). 33rd President Of The United States. Photographed At His Desk In The White House, C1945. Poster Print By Granger Collection

Harry S. In 1950, Truman authorized the development of the hydrogen bomb in the Soviet Union to maintain its weapons lead. By the end of the decade, the United States and the Soviet Union had begun an arms race of potentially world-shattering proportions.

In 1950, Communist North Korea attempted to invade non-Communist South Korea by Harry S. How did Truman react?

Harry S. Truman replied, “I swear to God, I’ll let them [North Korea] in!” He did not ask Congress to declare war and was criticized for that decision. Truman, with the sanction of the UN, sent American troops under the leadership of General Douglas MacArthur to South Korea to repel the invasion.

Harry S. Truman, (born May 8, 1884, Lamar, Missouri, USA – died December 26, 1972, Kansas City, Missouri), the 33rd President of the United States (1945–53), led his country through its last phase. During World War II and the early years of the Cold War, he strongly opposed Soviet expansionism in Europe and the sending of American troops to South Korea to repel a communist invasion.

Harry S. Truman: 33rd President: The Most Awful Responsibility

Truman John A. and Martha E. Truman was the eldest of three children; his father was a mule dealer and farmer. After graduating from high school in Independence, Missouri in 1901, he worked as a clerk in Kansas City. In 1906 he moved to the family farm near Grandview and took over management of the farm after his father’s death in 1914. When the United States entered World War I in 1917, Truman was almost 33 years old and had been on the National Tour twice. Guard. (1905-11) behind him — immediately volunteered. He was sent overseas a year later and served in France as captain of Battery D, a field artillery unit that saw action at Saint-Michel and the Meuse-Argonne. After that, the nobles under his command paid homage to him and respected him for his freedom and righteous leadership.

Returning to the United States in 1919, Truman married Elizabeth Wallace (Bess Truman), whom he had known since childhood. With an army friend, Edward Jacobson, he opened a haberdashery, but the business failed in the severe recession of the early 1920s. Another military friend introduced him to Kansas City Democratic leader Thomas Pendergast. Backed by the Pendergast machine, Truman began his political career in 1922 with a successful run for district judge. He lost his bid for re-election in 1924, but was again elected presiding judge of the county court in 1926 with Pendergast’s support. He served two four-year terms, during which he earned a reputation for honesty (unusual among Pendergast politicians) and shrewd administration.

In 1934, Truman’s political career ended due to the two-term tradition of his job and the Pendergast machine’s reluctance to run for higher office. When some people rejected Machine’s offer to run in the Democratic primary for a seat in the US Senate, Pendergast extended the offer to Truman, who quickly accepted. He won the primaries by 40,000 votes

Who Was The 33rd President Of The United States

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