Who Was The First President Of Kenya

Who Was The First President Of Kenya – Jomo Kyatta’s presidency began on 12 December 1964 when Jomo Kyatta was appointed as the first president of Kya who died on 22 August 1978. Jomo Kyatta, a member of KANU, came to power after the formation of the Republic of Kya following its independence struggle. Four years later, in the 1969 election, he was the only candidate and was elected unopposed for a second time. He was re-elected for the third time in 1974. Although at the same time the post of Kya president is also elected, Jomo Kyata is the only candidate who was elected directly without a vote. He died in office on August 22, 1978, and was succeeded by Daniel arap Moi.

In December 1964, Kya was officially declared a republic. Kyata became the CEO, combining the positions of president and head of state. Despite seeking election to the post of president, Kyata is the only candidate unopposed, so he was declared president without being elected to the post. Kyata’s appointment as unopposed president followed the systematic elimination of opposition party candidates during his prime ministership. In the May 1963 election, KANU Kyatta and KADU, the Akamba Party and various independent candidates contested. KANU won 83 out of 124 seats in the House of Representatives; The KANU majority government replaced the previous alliance. On 1 June 1963, Kyata was sworn in as Prime Minister of the independent Kyan government.

Who Was The First President Of Kenya

Who Was The First President Of Kenya

Immediately after being sworn in as president, Kyatta faced internal opposition, and in January 1964 military units launched an attack on Nairobi, where Kyatta called on British forces to end the rebellion. This month, similar armed rebellions took place in neighboring Uganda and Tanganyika. Kyatta is angry and shocked by the killers. He publicly reprimanded the terrorists, stressing the need for law and order in Kya. To prevent military violence, he revised the salaries of soldiers, police and prison staff, resulting in higher salaries. Kyatta also wanted to curb the parliamentary opposition, and because of Kyatta, in November 1964, KADU was officially dissolved and its representatives moved to KANU. Two KADU members, Ronald Ngala and Daniel arap Moi, later became Kyata’s staunchest supporters. Therefore, Kya became a one-party state. That is why he succeeded in suppressing all opposition and scaring away any candidate who would think of courting him.

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As it is a one-party state, the Kya African National Union is the party participating in the election. 740 KANU candidates ran for 158 seats in the National Assembly, where 88 of the leading candidates (including four ministers) were defeated. The turnout was 56.5 percent. Out of 4.6 million voters at the time, 2.6 million votes were cast and KANU won 100% of the votes. After the elections, President Kyata appointed 12 other members.

Jomo Kyata was sworn in as president on December 12, 1964. The oath was organized to coincide with the year of Kya’s independence in 1963.

Jomo Kyata did not form a new cabinet when he became president. The first cabinet, formed by Jomo Kyata in 1963, served for the remainder of his tenure. Specifically, Kyata was the prime minister where he established his first cabinet and changed to president after being sworn in. Another significant change is that Tom Mboya, who was previously Minister of the Interior, was appointed as his deputy. The other ministers were:

For example, in May 1966, the amdmt allowed the president to order the detention of people without trial if he believed the security of the state was in danger.

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In order to enlist the support of the second largest Kya tribe, the Luo, Kyata Luo appointed Oginga Odinga as his deputy.

However, the Kikuyu, who make up about 20 percent of the population, still hold most of the country’s government and administrative positions.

This has contributed to the belief by many Kyan that it was independently ruled only by the British elite, who were replaced by the Kikuyu majority.

Who Was The First President Of Kenya

Kyatta’s government has rejected the idea that European and Asian minorities could be granted dual citizenship and expects these communities to give full allegiance to an independent Kyat state.

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To this end, he tried to assert the prestige of indigenous African culture, which was considered “primitive” by missionaries and colonial authorities.

The Kya Cultural Center supports art and music and has produced hundreds of traditional music and dance performances; Kyata himself insisted that such games be held on every national holiday.

Funding was provided to preserve historical and cultural heritage, while colonial street names and symbols of colonialism, such as the statue of Britain’s Hugh Cholmondeley, 3rd Baron Delamere in Nairobi, were destroyed.

The government has encouraged the use of Swahili as the national language, although Glish remains the main medium of parliamentary debate and the language of instruction in schools and universities.

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However, historian Robert M. Maxon suggests that “no national culture developed during the Kyata period”, with most artistic and cultural expressions reflecting one particular ethnic group rather than another. The main area of ​​kyanness, while western culture had a great influence on the country’s elite.

Indepdt Kya has a colonial economy; agriculture dominates, while industry is limited and heavily dependent on the export of primary materials and the import of capital and manufactured goods.

Under Kyata, the structure of this economy has not changed, it remains outside of large international companies and foreign capital.

Who Was The First President Of Kenya

The government enacted laws to encourage foreign investment, knowing that Kya needed foreign-educated experts in science and technology to aid its economic development.

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In contrast to his economic policies, Kyata publicly claimed that he would create a democratic socialist country with a balanced distribution of economic and social development.

In 1965, when Thomas Mboya was Minister of Planning and Economic Development, the government issued a document entitled “African Socialism and its Application to Planning in Kya”, officially declaring its commitment to the so-called “African Communists”. model.

Kyata’s government has said it will only consider returning land in situations where national security is at risk.

Left-wing critics have pointed out that the book’s picture of “African socialism” suggests that there will be no significant change from the colonial economy.

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The agricultural and industrial sectors of Kya were dominated by British and then Asian trade; One of the issues that caught Kyata’s attention was putting the country’s economy back under vigilante control.

In 1965, the government established the Kya National Trading Corporation to provide control over trade in major commodities.

While the Trade Licensing Act of 1967 prohibits non-citizens from engaging in trade in rice, sugar and corn.

Who Was The First President Of Kenya

Kyatta did not sympathize with those who left: “Kya will not be renamed as an African country because of the bias and ruthlessness of unmotivated groups of people.”

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Kyatta and his family were bound by this corruption, while after 1963 they became rich by buying many properties.

The Kyatta family has also invested heavily in the business of beach hotels, Kyatta personally owns the Leonard Beach Hotel.

Their other business activities include ruby ​​mining in Tsavo National Park, casino business, charcoal trade – which causes deforestation – and ivory trade.

Kyan’s corruption and Kyata’s role in it are better known in Britain, although many of his UK fridges, including McDonald’s and Brockway, believe Kyata had nothing to do with it.

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The issue of land ownership is highly emphasized in Kya, as it was a serious grievance for the British colonists.

As part of the Lancaster House negotiations, the British government agreed to give Kya £27 million to buy out the white farmers and redistribute their land to the natives.

The government sold or leased land to these companies in the former Fehér-Felföld, dividing it among the shareholders.

Who Was The First President Of Kenya

Those Kyans who claimed ancestral ownership were given land which was given to others, including Kyan from different parts of the country.

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Voices began to denounce redistribution; In 1969, Member of Parliament Jean-Marie Seroney said that historic Nandi lands in the Rift were being sold to non-Nandi, calling the settlement system a “Kyata monopoly”.

This has exacerbated unemployment and housing shortages in the cities, where commercial and residential areas are growing, and crime in the cities.

Kyatta was concerned about this and advocated the return of migration to the city, but this was unsuccessful.

And in 1965, he changed the Kya Labor Union to the Central Trade Organization (COT), an organization that gained strong government influence.

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The growth of the public sector contributed to the significant expansion of Kyatta’s Kya native class.

In June 1963, Kyata instructed the Ominda Commission to draw up a plan to meet Kya’s demands and issue their report eight months later.

The report describes my long-term goals

Who Was The First President Of Kenya

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