Why Am I So Confused About My Life

Why Am I So Confused About My Life – Depression and other psychological illnesses are certainly clinical illnesses and should not be taken lightly, but there are also factors that can contribute to and influence feelings of sadness.

Here are 50 reasons to be unhappy and suggestions on how to lift the mental curtains to let the sunlight in again.

Why Am I So Confused About My Life

1. You are worried. “I’m old and have had a lot of problems, but most of them never happened.” – Mark Twain

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Worry creates inner turmoil. It’s like a rocking chair that moves feverishly but goes nowhere. Worry creates no action, it freezes you so you can’t think straight and make changes that ensure a negative outcome never happens.

Your energy will be better used to change the things you can control and let go of the rest. Bobby McFerrin sings quite simply, “Don’t worry! Be happy!” Lack of worry can definitely create happiness!

2. You hold on to the concept of perceived control. “As your faith grows stronger, you will find that you no longer need to have a sense of control, that everything is flowing as it should, and that it is flowing with them to your great pleasure and benefit.” – Emmanuel Teney

Sometimes people look like they stepped out of a superhero comic. They believe that they can control events very well and that things will turn out exactly as they planned. What a burden to carry!

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You definitely need superman strength to lift that weight. But the truth is that we have no ability to control anything but ourselves. When you make peace with that, you find the pressure is lifted and you can start enjoying the sights of the journey instead of planning for the impossible.

3. You hold grudges. “Anger is an acid that does more damage to the container it’s in than it spills.” – Mark Twain

Holding a grudge has almost the same logic as drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. You are doing yourself a disservice by carrying all this negative energy with you.

Let go of the pain… for your own good. While your critics are having fun without thinking, you can waste your life by sending death rays with your thoughts.

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4. You believe that everyone should play by your rules. “If you expect the world to be fair to you because you are fair, you are deceiving yourself. It’s like expecting the lion not to eat you just because you didn’t eat it.”

No one else takes your notes on how things should be done, how they should treat you, or how they should live their lives by your standards and beliefs.

People often get angry because someone violates their deeply held ideals. However, trying to accomplish the impossible task – ensuring that everyone lives up to your idea of ​​perfection – will lead to a lot of frustration.

Accept people as they are and appreciate the colorful range of ideas and perspectives rather than being offended by them.

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Most people play the internal comparison game. They usually only research a small area of ​​that person’s life and see where that fits.

For example, I can compare myself to Ironman Champion and Olympian Matt Fitzgerald and determine that he is a better triathlete than I am. (We’re not even in the same stratosphere, by the way.)

But this is only a small part of life. Who knows? Maybe I can ride a horse or sing better than him? It is a futile activity to look at only a small portion of all people and rank that portion for yourself.

You are so much more than just a part of your life that you see under the microscope right now. This habit will only create dissatisfaction in your life.

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If you can’t stop measuring things, do an internal comparison instead. Are you a better person than yesterday?

6. You choose to be happy only when all your dreams come true. “Happiness is determined not by what’s going on around you, but by what’s going on inside you. Most people depend on other people for happiness, but the truth is it always comes from within.”

Who is happier, the person who decides “I’ll be happy when I make $100 million” or “The person who believes I’ll be happy by having a nice dinner and time with my family?”

It’s good to aim high. But when you connect your happiness to future success, which may or may not happen, you will never find happiness in the life you are living today.

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7. You are a half-empty person. “You become what you focus on and you love the people you spend time with.”

If you are pessimistic, you will see all the bad things in your life. Your perception becomes your reality.

Instead, choose to focus on the best in people, the brighter moments, and the beauty and blessings around you.

8. You are alone. The worst of poverty is the feeling of loneliness and unlovedness.” -Mother Teresa

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We are naturally social creatures and maintaining relationships is a big part of life. If you’re feeling lonely and stressed on Saturday night, try to change that.

Finding friendship is sure to boost your enthusiasm for what each day brings. How to find good friends Look for social arrangements with people who share your interests and beliefs to build common ground and start great relationships.

Smile, reach out, and really engage with other people. You’d be surprised how far this will take you in forming a lifelong bond.

9. You seek materialism above all else in life. “Many people are very poor because all they have is money.”

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Think about how you would feel if tomorrow was your last breath. Do you really want to make more money, or will your focus shift to connecting with people or having specific experiences?

If you live by your values, you will find more satisfaction than materialism can bring. And this Motivation Engine will help you identify the values ​​that really matter to you.

10. You don’t make time for the right things. “When you stop chasing the wrong thing, you give the right thing a chance to catch up with you.”

We all lose focus sometimes. However, keeping your activities aligned with your values ​​goes a long way in maintaining a positive outlook.

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A good exercise is to make a list of your values ​​and rank them according to their importance to you. Then see how much of your daily activity actually aligns with your values. Is there a disconnect? If so, what can you do to change it?

But still, the best thing to do is figure out how to prioritize your life and do what’s most important to you. Here’s how:

11. You make friends with unhappy people. “When you have to compromise yourself and your morals for those around you, maybe it’s time to change the people around you.”

You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. If your friends have always been a constant source of negativity in your life, maybe it’s time to find more positive people.

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12. You couldn’t find your destination. “Trying to be someone else is wasting yourself.”

So many people agree with the lie that their goal in life is to get through the weekend. No wonder there are so many miserable watchmakers in the world!

Find your passion and goal and go after it, even though it can turn mundane things upside down and scare you.

13. You are more like an actor than a writer. “Being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to turn you into something else is the greatest achievement.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Even if you try to poke a hole in your stomach, part of you will always know emotionally that you sacrificed yourself and your happiness to read the lines you didn’t write, and worse, won’t believe it.

14. You are stuck in your past. “If you keep rereading the last chapter, you won’t be able to start the next chapter of your life.”

Many people become products of their past. It is the causality of regrets, sorrows, regrets and forethought.

While we can all learn from our past, it is impractical to live in the present. The past cannot be changed or relived. Constantly dwelling on it does not create an emotionally healthy outlook.

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15. You always think about your future and you can’t enjoy today. “What you do today determines who you will be tomorrow.”

Some people focus so much on the stars that they miss the sights, experiences, and lessons learned along the way.

Find fun in the adventure as well as reaching the final destination. Otherwise, you will be frustrated until your vision of the future becomes reality. Since this may or may not happen, why limit yourself when you can find happiness in the search as well as in the destination?

16. You are not well. “As you think,

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