Why Do I Feel Bad About Myself

Why Do I Feel Bad About Myself – Last week I talked about the automatic thoughts our brains formed when we were so young that we didn’t have the power of logic…and today I’m going to talk about how it affects us now.

It’s easy to look at other people we admire or look up to and think, “There’s no way she’s not good enough…” Because when we look at other people, we can use our logically mature brains and let’s see clearly how amazing they are. But when we look at ourselves, we can’t get past our old childhood brain patterns because our mind is used to seeing us through this filter and until we notice that the window is dirty, we don’t realize it unless we clean everything. we see that it has been a downfall since the last decade.

Why Do I Feel Bad About Myself

So when we have an early life experience that is difficult or stressful, even if it doesn’t qualify as “trauma” per se, our minds still make the connection between the stressful event and the negative evaluation of ourselves, because our young minds are they learn to understand how things work without being able to see the big picture. So for example, a young girl who takes a dance class and experiences competition, rejection and pressure to perform – even if she wants to and accepts the challenge, her mind will still interpret the stress as somehow her fault and something she needs to overcome. fix it. this inability of young minds to see the bigger picture.

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When our mind makes this false connection between something being difficult and it being our fault, this belief begins to become a “core belief” in how we see ourselves.

Because remember – our minds are like computers – we’re always trying to make connections and ways to make sense of the world around us… So once our brain makes that connection, it quickly finds it again. Just like when you search on Google – the link that comes up first is the link that gets clicked on the most. Our brain works the same way. Once a path is established, it’s much easier to walk the same path again, and again…and again.

So you see why we get stuck in this cycle! Once we make the connection between “hard things” and “it’s my fault” (formed before our minds have access to logic), this belief starts to affect everything. And no wonder, we start to feel really terrible when hard things happen! Because it is not just “difficult”, but a reminder that we are a sick person.

Here it gets even worse. When our brains are locked into this pattern, we actually start looking for situations that confirm our belief that we are not good enough! Our mind scans the environment to prove this belief true as it becomes its basic premise. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So when someone starts treating us like crap, our mind filters this through our existing operational beliefs and comes up with a positive match – “yes, the environment matches the brain’s interpretation of the environment – great, the algorithm is intact.” It is much more difficult for our brain to change its algorithm than to confirm what it thinks it knows. Innovation requires effort! Try brushing your teeth with the other hand and you’ll see exactly what I mean 🙂

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The more we seek an environment that fits our belief that we are not good enough, of course the belief becomes stronger and stronger and begins to become how we interpret all situations and experiences.

Now the good news is that we can change this! When we know what our core belief is, whether it’s “I’m not good enough” or “I have to be perfect” or “no one cares about me”… When we see it, it no longer has control over us, and we can to choose whether we listen to this thought or not, whether we follow this well-trodden path or take a new one.

To begin with, all we have to do is step back. take a breath and think a new thought…

And when we do it often enough, we literally form a new connection in the brain. We rewrite the search curve and suddenly our mind can gain perspective and have a whole new interpretation of the “hard stuff”.

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We all have core beliefs that keep us grounded. Mine is definitely that I’m not good enough and that I’ve done something wrong. It always appears. But the difference is that now I know and see it and so I can choose whether to listen to it or not. But before I really got inside my own mind and examined my patterns, that belief ruled my life.

But it doesn’t have to control yours! It’s just your mind trying to do its job. And when you begin to recognize where your patterns are keeping you stuck and how that shapes your entire relationship with the difficulties in your life, and that it DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY, you can get back in the driver’s seat and be able to you see yourself through the eyes of an adoring friend who fully understands how great you are and encourages you every step of the way. Wouldn’t that be a treat!?

Want to learn more? Check out my YouTube video on this topic with the amazing Teigan Nash here: It might take a while to figure it out. Or maybe not. You may see and know something right away.

When I first started wondering, I felt incredibly free and happy and almost giddy. It’s like suddenly this big heavy blanket that covered me for so long is gone.

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Here’s the thing. In this Western culture, feeling bad about yourself is an epidemic. It is in our ancestors. It’s in the communal soup. Most of us push it down because we don’t need to hear the voice or feel the pain. But when you’re in this business, you become very aware of the taste of this soup.

You have two competing voices—the voice of Self—your essential nature, an inner knowing that often speaks in a quieter tone—and your personality or persona or ego. Ego is not bad or wrong. But it is a young voice focused on a kind of self-preservation. It’s immature. It supports either self-inflation or self-deflation. The real voice is neither. It is simply self sufficient.

Every ego knows both inflation and deflation, but one usually prevails. We have all seen people prone to self-inflation. And we’ve all seen people who tend to be self-deprecating. Notice what you tend to do.

I have a penchant for self-deprecation. So when I ask myself this question and feel what it would be like simply to be in the world without deflation, “without feeling bad about myself,” this wonderful bright world of possibilities opens up. This bright world is what is always there when we are not stuck in egoistic ways. This is the bright world of Essence which is alive and often hangs in a kind of soft joy when this question is asked.

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When I look at the body of collective pain, I see a heavy blanket of self-condemnation and self-loathing. In our western culture we carry so much baggage around suffering and feelings of unworthiness. It is handed down, from generation to generation. We grow up in homes steeped in it, even if it’s never talked about or even in the consciousness of family members. When we begin to wake up to this, we begin to see how difficult the process of clearing this type of toxicity can be. We begin to see that we are not who we are, yet the blanket finds its way back over us with such ease.

When we descend into the body and work to awaken as souls in the human experience, we connect directly to this old human lineage of the traumatic personal feeling of feeling bad about ourselves.

We begin to experience being aware in a sea of ​​feelings about ourselves that don’t feel good. The more we awaken, the more we know that these feelings were not originally ours. They were our parents and other family members, going back to our ancestors.

To become human is to become awake, as an essence, in our beautiful bodies, in our lives, in our relationships, just as we are. Becoming human means bringing the ego closer to being in love, so that it begins to believe that being here on earth is something to be explored rather than feared and escaped.

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And here we have to find the courage to decide for ourselves how badly we want to be human. That’s correct. How much do we want the full human experience?

When I feel bad about myself, I don’t want to throw myself into life. When I feel bad about myself, I hold back, often isolate myself,

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