Why Do I Get So Angry For No Reason

Why Do I Get So Angry For No Reason – Some see red, some curse, some resort to violence and some are bored. But why are we so angry?

Angry when hungry: Low blood sugar makes us prone to anger. The next time you feel your anger rising, how about eating a banana?

Why Do I Get So Angry For No Reason

“Anger is a feeling or emotion. We psychologists see this feeling as one of the basic feelings. There is an important difference between them

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. The state in this context means to be angry, it is boiling inside. As a personality trait, it is much more calm, and some are more easily angered than others. Anger is a diverse and social emotion,” says Leo Kant, PhD candidate at the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Bergen. Kant has studied destructive leadership and knows all there is to know about anger.

“When a person is angry, provocation is a necessary factor. Often the experience that something is unfair is what causes anger. In many cases it is a social problem. We may feel that someone has done something unfair to us or that someone is looking at us in a wrong way. It doesn’t even have to be true. Other times you get angry if you stub your toe on a chair. As a result, your anger may be directed at someone who does something that is seen as provocative. Cheating on the seat doesn’t mean much.

“The body becomes active, adrenaline and noradrenaline are pumping through the body. Blood flows from the digestive system to your muscles, you physically prepare for fight or flight. Your thought processes also change – your mind hardens in that sense. that gets the blood flowing. the frontal lobe is enlarged. At the same time your emotional center is disrupted. You move quickly.

“Yes, one can say that the purpose of anger is to correct mistakes. This can be a great asset when faced with difficult challenges. The Arab Spring is an example where large groups were angry and demanded justice. Another benefit is creating energy where there is none. Ask a great athlete what he does to muster the energy for one final, intense sprint, and I think in most cases the answer will be anger. Being angry is about communicating and expressing needs. It can be both positive and negative. “

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“Showing anger is not always a problem, it can be completely justified. However, if you lose it and yell at someone unhappy or, worst of all, resort to violence, your behavior has turned into inappropriate behavior. This type of behavior is It is generally unacceptable and creates a bad environment. When a manager exhibits this behavior in the work environment, it leads to less joy and less productivity. Chronic anger can cause health problems. The norm for what is considered normal depends on who you are and where you are. It’s an area of ​​cultural differences. You don’t insult your secretary at work. If a sergeant does the same thing to a soldier, it’s acceptable, even acceptable.

“Anger is something that everyone has, it has an evolutionary value. For example, it can activate status and dominance. However, in today’s society we face many problems that are different from 150,000 years ago. But yes, every everyone feels anger, although some people experience it less often than others. Temperament is one of the most stable personality traits. Even a baby can become angry as a child.

“It can be very sad, especially for something that is seen as unfair. At the same time, it is very common. We can manipulate our emotions. We laugh at the bad joke of our boss, even if it is not so much. It was good. We do it to adapt and survive.

“It’s kind of a cliché. We’re not steamrollers. However, one effect is to go home and beat the dog or lash out at your family if you feel you’re being treated unfairly at work. Self-awareness is a smart thing. e. , knowing the reasons for what makes you angry. I like to compare it with listening to the subject

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, you just know something terrible is about to happen. Everyone should know their version of the matter

Even if angry, anger can be controlled. Research shows that procrastination actually costs calories – energy. Every time you hold back an impulse, it becomes harder when you try. Low blood sugar accelerates both anger and border crossing. It is not easy to remain calm in situations where you experience several provocations – for example, in a family with small children.

“Eat a banana! Get enough sleep! When a resource is lost, you become less tolerant. You need to make sure you are prepared before you start a situation that you know might make you angry. And try to find out what really happened before you get mad—did the person you’re mad at really try?” Anger can cause all kinds of problems, whether it’s broken things or damage to our relationships. . We can react. Anger of any kind causes us to apologize again and again for what we say or do, apologies that make less and less sense over time. Sometimes anger feels unpredictable, like we “go from 0-100”. There is no time to undo the damage they have done. In this article, we will look at the importance of identifying the pattern that makes us angry.

One of the reasons people sometimes struggle with anger management is that they see the situations in which they are angry as unique, as if each time they get angry is for a different reason. No doubt there are different reasons why we sometimes get angry, but if we look at each time we have been angry, we will start to see a different pattern. Therefore, believing that all situations are unique makes it very difficult for us to predict what might make us angry.

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Consider the following, imagine that in the past two weeks, you’ve been easily annoyed by a waiter at a restaurant taking your order because you’re taking too long, a pizza delivery person who got lost on the way and dropped a pizza, and a fast food drive to mix your order. If you’re telling yourself that the waiter was mean, the pizza delivery guy was stupid, and this drive-by messed up your order on purpose, then you’re going to have a hard time finding a common thread. What would it mean if we noticed that each of these situations occurred during lunch? Instead of 3 people being incompetent in 3 different institutions, this anger may be due to hunger. By looking for similarities between these situations, we can now gain insights to prepare for future situations.

By seeing the pattern of hunger, we can now plan ahead. It can be as simple as planning meals between breakfast and lunch. That way, we can get to lunch without getting upset, and if something small happens, like a slow waiter, we can react to get what we want without yelling at the waiter and then walking away from the restaurant because that we are very ashamed. came back. Acknowledging that every situation is not necessarily different helps us to begin to recognize the things that make us uncomfortable, and then allows us to do something about it. These commonalities can manifest themselves in various ways, which will be discussed in future articles, such as our internal responses, the assumptions we make, the people we dislike, and the issues and situations that worry us.

Ronald Bristow has been a licensed professional clinical counselor in practice since 2010. He has worked with diverse populations of individuals in a variety of institutional settings. In addition to being a mentor and not too angry guy, Ronald is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt who started practicing the martial art in 2005. Ronald is passionate about mental health topics such as anger management, depression and anxiety, as well as general science and hobbies. Now that you’ve had a chance to see just a few of the emotions that may be behind your anger in Why I’m So Angry – 11 Possible Reasons, I thought. it helps to look at an example to show how easily several emotions can occur at the same time.

Let’s imagine that you have seen

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